Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 3rd

Happy Iowa Caucus Day!

Here in Georgia…
– Bundle up today, the wind chill is in single digits.
– With the new session just a week away, expect a renewed focus on tax reform.
– The session could also see a healthy debate on criminal justice reform.
– Newt Gingrich continues to runaway from his past views on global warming by killing a chapter on the issue in a new book.

National stories of interest…
– Even though many states, including Georgia, have outlawed payday lending, the service is growing online.
– Will 2012 bring another recession?
– George Will has a very optimistic outlook for 2012.
– Economist Dan Mitchell explains that Barack Obama’s tax policy has turned off the rest of the world.
– This is a little old, but the Tax Foundation noted in March that no other OCED country relies as much on higher income earners as the United States.

A few that I like…
– Some synced The Dark Knights rises trailer with The Lion King. Hilarious.
– Yesterday’s Georgia game was a good one, but we let that one slip by us.
– The New York Giants aren’t fans of the the Falcons.


    • John Konop says:

      Most GOP canindates call Paul a radical for postions which are are anti NEOCON policy. I do agree he goes a bit to far for my taste, yet is not the police the world and attack first cowboy style policy radical? How do we afford the above policy advocated by the other candidates.

  1. ricstewart says:

    A renewed focus on tax reform and criminal justice reform? I can only hope.

    It’s more likely that they will continue to try to placate the crazies and pander to scared white people.

    (I can say that because I am a scared white person. Just scared of different things than the aforementioned scared white people.)

  2. lostinatl says:

    A renewed interest in tax reform sounds like the nothing more than the Senate trying to get that grocery tax passed since they couldn’t get it last year. I don’t think anyone has the stomach to go for real tax reform again after all that effort that went down the drain last session.

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