Georgians working the Iowa Caucus, part two

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Emerson

Lavin Gartland is an alumnus of the Gingrich Congressional operation from the 1990s, having worked on his 1992 campaign in Cobb County. In 1993 she joined his Washington office as a Legislative Assistant and was there during Newt’s Speakership.

“I had stayed in contact with a number of other Newt alumni and we all wanted to be helpful to Newt when he announced he was running for President. A number of us had been talking consistently and I ended up taking some vacation time to come out here and work on the caucus,” said Gartland, who has been in Urbandale, Iowa at Gingrich headquarters since Wednesday.

“Iowa is different because of the caucus and the exposure of folks to all the candidates. Folks here expect the personal touch from the candidates and the campaigns.”

“We’ve been phone-banking, identifying people who will stand up in their Caucus precincts, and speak on behalf of Newt, and for voters who will bring other people into their precincts caucuses. Some precincts may have twelve people, some may have fifty, and the largest can have a thousand people.”

“Every day I’ve been here, we’ve had 30-40 new volunteers coming in, taking vacation time and traveling at their own expense to help Newt. Most of them are coming because they share my belief that Newt is the right candidate at the right time.”

“As we talk to voters on the phone, the folks here in Iowa haven’t made up their minds. And the more we talk to them, the more we’re able to have an impact helping people decide to vote for Newt.”

“The other day Newt came to the office here in Urbandale as part of his bus tour, and he came in and talked to the volunteers and sat down and made some phone calls to voters. I think it must be surprising for most voters to get a call, and it’s a candidate for President calling you personally to talk one-on-one. It gave all of us in the office a morale boost because it reminds us that what we’re doing is important, and that we can make a difference, and I think it gave Newt a boost, knowing that we were all here, and we’d all come here from across the country to help out.”


  1. seekingtounderstand says:

    Why Newt won’t be President……………..follow the history of Denmark and the election of Andres Fogh Rasmussen whom used the immigration issue to gain popular support and enjoyed tremendous sucess. Newt went for usurpation thru mass immigration and shows he continues to support the elites demanding cheap labor slaves subsidized by taxpayers.
    This country has reached its limit on this issue and when a poitican taps into this, he or she will receive over 70% of the vote and stay in power for a long, long time.

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