Georgia Business Briefing

The Savannah Morning News profiles Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. as the area’s Corporation of the Year. In the middle of a $500 million headquarters expansion, the company added 800 jobs in Georgia this year.

VaxyGen, a vaccine development and manufacturing firm is considering Atlanta for its new headquarters and 250 jobs.

Atlanta-based Alternative Fuel Systems is developing a process to help corporate fleets decide whether to switch fuels.

Walton County will be home to a 205 acre solar installation connected to  Georgia Power and Georgia Transmission Corporation. Expected online in 2015, the install will be the second solar farm in Walton County. Simon Solar Farm is expected to produce about 30 MW of 50 MW that Georgia Power will purchase.

Georgia continues to be a leader in the implementation of telemedicine. This is due partly to efforts by former Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine. While Oxendine has been criticized in the pages, his leadership in telemedicine may be his positive legacy to the state. In 2005, the General Assembly passed legislation requiring insurers to reimburse doctors for telemedicine consults as though they were face-to-face.

Atlanta led the country in October, but in a bad way. Home prices fell 5 percent, more than any other major market, and on the heels of a 5.9 percent loss in September.

A $73 million project to ease traffic flow at the Port of Savannah has been awarded by GDOT. Currently, the port hosts 10,000 tractor-trailers per day and traffic is projected to increase dramatically.

Atlanta pizzeria Varasano’s is being sued by a not hot male disgruntled former employee who claims he was fired in order for the owners to implement a “hot chick” marketing strategy. It’s unclear whether getting sued was part of their marketing strategy, but the value of the publicity and the additional traffic from ordinary losers men will be worth whatever they eventually settle for. Pretty sure that hot chick strategy will never work.

Porsche News

Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid photo courtesy Porsche Cars North America

Car and Driver has named the Porsche Boxster and Cayman to its 2012 Ten Best Cars list.

Porsche Consulting, with its US headquarters in Atlanta, provides workflow and management consulting services and is profiled in the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

Former US Secretary of Transportation Norm Mineta has submitted comments suggesting that diesel is a better alternative fuel source that hybrid technology, but that federal favoritism for electric and hybrids is distorting the marketplace.

“It is critical that we do not pick and choose a specific technology or technologies to help accomplish our fuel economy goals. While hybrids and electric vehicles have a place, the real breakthrough will be realized in advances to the internal combustion engine including turbocharging, start‐stop, weight reduction and improved aerodynamics, which are already having an effect on the fuel economy and performance of the downsized gasoline and diesel vehicles coming to market today.

“I encourage the Administration and Congress to remain technology neutral as they consider ways to move forward with these ambitious fuel standards.”

Porsche Panamera S Hybrid photo courtesy Porsche Cars North America

Pollution standards are the reason that Porsche has brought its Cayenne S Hybrid and Panamera S Hybrid to the states, while leaving diesel versions of both vehicles for the rest-of-the-world, despite rumors to the contrary. Amazingly, the Panamera Diesel has an estimated 745 mile range on a tank.

Porsche Racing

The most successful manufacturer at Le Mans will return in 2014 with a newly-developed prototype. I hope these cars will also run at Road Atlanta in the Petit Le Mans.

Announced in Atlanta this week was news that the 2012 Porsche 911 will serve as the safety car for Grand Am Racing’s Rolex 24 at Daytona.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Diesel vs other options is the more reasonable balance of cost rffectiveness and environmental concerns but it is not politically correct. Get diesel (at gas engine profit margins) in Explorer size SUV’s and watch them sell.

  2. greencracker says:

    It’s not hardly three years ago GPC was saying Georgia is geographically no good for solar. And that they don’t want to buy any private person’s solar b/c it’s so pricey. Now they’ve agreed to buy 30-50 MW? That’s not a lot … but … what gives, what’s the economics here? Is the solar affordable now? Is GPC thinking Ga might put in a green energy requirement anon?

  3. jtmartell says:

    Thanks for the summary!

    Porsche Consulting is HQ’d in Sandy Springs, isn’t it? Or have they moved from Hammond Drive recently?

  4. chefdavid says:

    And meanwhile do not call list has produced a windfall of jobs in Canada for telemarketers. Expect a phone call to your cell phone in the near future.

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