That doesn’t sound like Martha Zoller

And it’s also not Doug Collins on an equal time installment.

This morning from 9 AM to noon, Lee Weber will be filling in for Martha on Bulldog 103.7 FM in Gainesville. That last link takes you to where you can listen in live.

Joining Lee this morning will be Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers, former State Representative Doug Teper and some dude named Mark Roundtree Rountree, who supposedly works in politics and occasionally writes for some blog.

Wine enthusiasts will want to tune in to hear Patroski Lawson‘s recommendations for tomorrow night.

Speaking of Martha, she was a guest on the Rush Limbaugh show with guest host Merk Belling on Wednesday.


  1. Thanks to Lee for filling in today. I’m filling in for Tim Bryant, our morning guy, this week while he takes a well deserved vacation. Happy New Year to Peach Pundit! It’s going to be an amazing 2012.

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