Representatives Take Sides, Campaign For Presidential Candidates

Yesterday we received word that State Representative Sam Teasley has endorsed former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum. Santorum has surged in recent polls in Iowa and now sits in third place.

Santorum was hosted by the 7th District GOP in late November and was received warmly. It’s been a few weeks since anyone polled the GOP Nomination in Georgia. Those polls show him receiving 1.3% of the vote. A solid showing in Iowa could boost him here as we approach the March 6th Presidential Preference Primary.

Meanwhile, Facebook tells me that Representative Sharon Cooper is in Iowa campaigning for Newt Gingrich, as is former Senator John Douglas.

Any other of Georgia’s elected officials in Iowa?


  1. ted in bed says:

    Sharon Cooper’s participation proves the RINO bone fides of Newt.

    Rep. Cooper is famous for following the lead of Rep. Stacey Abrams and voting WITH the Dems in Judy-Non-Civil commitee and elsewhere.

    As Grift noted, Santorum has some enlightening Google results. I couldn’t tell if its real or just a google bomb by gay activists.

    • GOPundit says:

      Since John Douglas was known as one of the more conservative State Senators we’ve had and he is in Iowa working for Newt, what does that say about Newt’s Republican Credentials?

      Beyond that you seem to gloss over the fact the he helped orchestrate the Republican take over of the US House of Reps.

  2. Tiberius says:

    What are all the legislators and former legisltors who endorsed Perry and then switched to Newt going to do if Perry outpolls Newt in IA next week?

    Will John Douglas, et al slink to Santorum? Move to the next “conservative we must elect!”

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