Morning Reads for Thursday, December 29th

“Sometimes too much to drink is barely enough.” – Mark Twain

Here in Georgia…
– Next year’s TSPLOST could have implications for incumbents in Metro Atlanta.
– Georgia’s “super speeder” law has brought in $25 million in revenue.
– A protest against the shooting of a teenager in Union City turned into a riot at demonstrators vandalized government property.

National stories of interest… (a lot of “best of” and “worst of” lists today)
– Mitt Romney says the individual mandate is a “conservative principle.”
– Voters are leaving both major parties to become political independents.
– TSA is nothing more than expensive security theater.
– According to Rasmussen (yeah, I know), 20% of Americans feel the nation is heading in the right direction.
– Rep. Dennis Kucinich will attempt to primary a fellow Democrat due recently redrawn congressional lines in Ohio.
– In case you missed it, The New York Times recently tried to smear concealed carry permit holders.
– It seems like more and more people are writing off the Iowa caucus.
– There is an Adderall shortage? Panic!!!
– Here is the Quote of the Day via Glenn Greenwald.
– gives us the best media appearances of 2011.
– Smart Money recaps the top five data breaches.
– John Hawkins runs down the 10 biggest failures of the past year.
– The Daily Caller offers the 10 dumbest statements of 2011.
– The Heritage Foundation reminds us of the 10 worst federal rules of the last year.
– Jim Pethokoukis channels Vanilla Ice by picking his economic “heroes” and “zeros” of 2011.
– ABC News recaps the top campaign moments of the year.
– The Washington Post goes over the biggest government screw-ups of 2011.
– Gene Healy picks the five worst op-eds of the year.

A few that I like…
– I started taking multivitamins regularly after getting out of the hospital in March. Looks like I’m wasting my money.
– Want to increase the battery life on your iPhone?
– The Southeastern Conference rolled out schedules for the 2012 football season yesterday. Georgia’s schedule is favorable after dropping Alabama and picking up Missouri, which will join the SEC next year.
– AMC will run a full series marathon of The Walking Dead on New Year’s Eve.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Lots of fun links to top biggest, worst, dumbest….

    The TSA is one of those feel good multi-billion dollar mandated jobs programs for 50,000 government employees here to help us.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      I found the 10 dumbest statements of 2011 a dissappointment. Perhaps the others were more entertaining.

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