And in other Birthday News…

Happy Birthday to Jason Pye.  He’s officially “old enough to know better” now.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Birthday news: Muslim extremists demanding strict Shariah law and an end to Western education in Nigeria celebrated Christmas by killing at least 39 Christian Catholics on their church doorsteps as they were leaving Mass. Bringing the deaths from this group to 504 this year.

    While leaders around the world & the Vatican denounced the act, the word needed is from the Muslim countries and main stream Muslim clerics.

    • ted in bed says:

      denounced the act? Maybe they can get Saxby to write a sternly written letter.

      I extremely distressed that the major Christian leaders have abandoned our brothers and sisters to the Muslims. Neither the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury mentioned the need to defend and protect Christians in Nigeria, Egypt, Iraq and Palestinian territories Instead both continue their push for a Palestinian state because we know that once they are a state, they’ll stop destroying Christian holy sites like Jacob’s tomb.

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