“You’ll put your eye out!”

Emergency rooms across Georgia are bracing themselves for an expected high number of eye injuries as guns are increasingly the gift of choice for Georgians.

This Black Friday the firearm industry got a huge shot in the arm as the Federal Bureau of Investigation reported a record number of background checks for pistol purchases.

And the national trend holds true locally as well as firearm retailers here in central Georgia are also seeing an increased interest in personal protection.

What is perhaps most surprising about the increase in firearm purchases is that many of those requesting guns as gifts are women.

“Yes mostly ladies. They are buying new guns. A lot of husbands and boyfriends are buying girlfriends and wives their first gun and teaching them how to shoot them. Or bringing them here and sending them through our class so we get to train them on how to use them properly” -Hamp Dowling\Eagle Gun Range Owner

For your last minute shopping, we can recommend our friends at Georgia Gun Store. For would-be owners in Cobb and Cherokee Counties, State Rep. Sean Jerguson at Hi-Caliber Firearms comes highly recommended for sales, accessories and a practice range that offers 50% off for seniors on Tuesdays and Ladies Day free on Thursdays. For the guy or gal who owns everything and has a spare $200 for the transfer tax, we can recommend local manufacturer Advanced Armament, though unless you already have your Form 4 filled out, signed by local law enforcement and approved and stamped, there won’t be a silencer under your tree tomorrow morning. They do, however, have cool t-shirts and other non-regulated swag.


  1. Bought my 16 year old a pellet rifle this year, looks exactly like an M4 assault rifle. He wants to go to the USMC when he graduates, lets see what this kid is made of… 😉

  2. saltycracker says:

    Fortunately, I guess, kids will do a lot more stupid things with a BB gun than a 22.
    I clean up glass, peppered soda cans & dead birds, regularly, along my fence line.

  3. Mike Stucka says:

    I’m thinking the GSG-522SD would be a nice starter gun for a child. Cheap to shoot (but not to buy), too. I love that form factor.

    • you says:

      We sold a few of those – around $350 I believe but the best seller was the Mossberg 715T 22LR. It sells $249 and is a great AR style rifle for all ages. The Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 is nice too but cost $425; $499 in the pink camo. 🙂

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