Motion To Commence With Festivus Activities

You should all know the drill by now. If not, you hate Peach Pundit, Seinfield, and America.

Today is Festivus, the holiday for the restofus. Or something like that.

Originated from the House of Kastanza, Festivus begins with the airing of the grievances. That’s something we’re pretty good at around here. Thus, get it out of your system.




and, to be clear: OPEN THREAD


  1. Sunday alcohol sales should be allowed to start earlier than 12:30 for those of us who do grocery shopping while the church crowd is in church.

    Cobb County’s Board of Commissioners really think you should own 2 acres (87,120 square feet) before you’re allowed to own a hen that takes up roughly 1 square foot, yet anyone can own a dog? (Could we start requiring IQ tests for elected officials please?) On a positive note, I’d like to see HB 2 pass in the legislature in 2012 so authoritarians such as the ones in Cobb can’t prevent people from growing their own food.

  2. Cassandra says:

    “All I want for Christmas . . . ” Is a County Manager!

    Seems the DeKalb County (used to be the finest County in the metro) Commission is willing to take on THE central issue of governance by eliminating the position of Chief Executive Officer and replacing same with a County Manager. DeKalb is the only GA county with a CEO, and one of the few in the US.

    IMHO, DeKalb’s poorly run due to the CEO form of governance, thus, leading to the Dunwoody, and perhaps even Brookhaven incorporation(s).

    The AJC summarizes the legislation, which the CEO obviously opposes. The Commission will override the CEO’s veto and I look forward to seeing this matter discussed under the Dome.

    Bring popcorn and a smock, it will be messy. Who knows, maybe even Darth Vader jones will show up to impart a few shards of wisdom…

    If no DeKalb CEO, what then of Milton County discussions? Or Brookheaven (sp) for that matter?

  3. griftdrift says:

    The benevolent dictatorship was always a dangerous thing. It worked for 30 years because Dekalb had competent dictators ( even Vernon Jones to a degree ). We all knew this day would eventually come. Sad for my former county.

    • Cassandra says:


      Former DeKalb County Commissioner Bill Brown warned the CEO form of government awaited abuse.

      Jones legacy is marred by human frailties such as greed, ego, and a few others not worth mentioning.

    • Calypso says:

      Charlie and I have never heard of the ‘House of Kostanza’ either. Perhaps you are mis-typing Charlie’s typo of ‘House of Kastanza’

      Just wanted to point out that mistakes can happen to the best of us.

      Merry (insert celebration of choice here)!

  4. Rick Day says:

    To honor the Free Market Beacon known as Peach Pundit, I am loaning US$40 via Kiva Investments to a North Korean bayonet sharpening firm, helping a man continue to employ child labor as test dummies.

    Not really. It will go to help a man in Kabul who runs a small hotel expand his kitchen.

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