Fulton School Board Rejects Compromise With Fulton Science Academy

In keeping with the Festivus sprit, it’s time for the airing of grievances. I’m looking at you Fulton County School Board. You’ve have made it abundantly clear your desire is to shut down the Blue Ribbon award winning Fulton Science Academy Middle School. After rejecting the school’s charter renewal application Tuesday night citing the need to renew it for only three years, you reject the school’s agreement to everything you asked for.

Samantha Evans, Fulton School’s spokeswoman said the district received an amended application meeting their demands for a three-year term Thursday, but it was too late. “This vote is a legally binding action,” she said.

Legally binding??? So take another “legally binding” vote to accept the amended application and declare victory. Heck, rub their noses in it, whatever makes you happy, just keep the school open for the benefit of students who are thriving there.

Kyle Wingfield is right. This episode demonstrates Legislative action is needed.

It’s this: While adults argue about the length of the contract for one particular school, the worst schools throughout Georgia have perpetual contracts with scant chance of ever losing them due to poor performance, fiscal mismanagement, cheating scandals — you name it.

Like a lot of big school systems, Fulton has some schools that are stars, and others that are so pitiful, you’d be forgiven for thinking you can’t spell education without “dud.”

It’s going to be a tough fight next year to move forward on Charter schools but it’s a fight worth having – just ask the students at Fulton Science Academy Middle School.


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