Vain Atlanta

As if the Real Housewives of Atlanta weren’t enough to make you blow your Christmas cookies into the next county, now we find that Atlantans are quite enamored with themselves.

Atlantans are particularly pleased with themselves, according to the poll, landing behind only Miami and Chicago residents in a ranking of the U.S.’s vainest cities.

LivingSocial conducted a poll back in November, when the rest of us were working for a living. The full findings are here. Interestingly enough, folks in Orlando are more well-groomed than those in the Big A.

So Atlanta, toast yourself in the mirror. This one’s for you…


  1. Cobb Needs a Front Page Poster says:

    Okay, I’ll let the cat out of the bag. It’s true. Carly was singing about me. Having been born in Miami and now living in Atlanta, what else would you expect?

    • I Miss the 90s says:

      Do not fret, it is only temporary. I too am from South Florida, but I have been relocated to Atlanta 3 times in 25 years.

      Atlanta is growing, it is the business (and airline) hub for the South, and the cost of living is comparatively low. I have no idea why you are here, Cobb resident, but my experience in Atlanta has been the same every time I have been relocated here: it was a good idea at first, but GA does not have the infrastructure to support most hi-tech industry (and I have no clue what you do so maybe the South works for your company).

      Not to offend Georgian’s, but the South is the “third-world” of the US (it is not, however, a third-world region). The South is useful for sending warehouse and logistics jobs to, it is useful for opening up call centers, it is useful for produce raw materials and foreign cars, and shooting movies and layovers on trips to Europe and South America. Like all third-world regions, GA will continue having a difficult time competing in the global economy in any category other than producing a robust market of menial laborers. Let Nathan Deal stand on the stump and preach job creation, what he is really talking about is the new Dick’s Sporting Goods opening up in Anywhere, GA or an shipping center opening up in Thatotherplace, GA. You are not going to see Deal stump that conservative principles and policies of tax cuts and labor safety regulatory roll-backs are leading to a boom in GA’s biotech industry, or has made GA a leader in aero-space technology, or computer science, or really anything.

      The conservative position is not a position that is in accord with the 21st century and the American ideal. The pursuit of the American ideal would be telling the next generation that you are creating an environment that they may be able to create and design the next generation of Kia/BMW vehicles or the next Lockheed stealth fighter. Nathan Deal and the rest of the conservative “movement” have been working to create an environment in which the next generation will get a job at Goodyear doing engine tune-ups and oil changes or get an 8-week certification from a 2-year tech school to mount a panel on the next generation fight jet. This is evident in the GOP’s, and the Tea Party is more guilty of this than the GOP at large, education policy positions, in the tax positions, in the economic growth positions, etc. They are also more guilty of attempting to create a regulatory drive to the bottom to create the most industrially friendly environment at the expense of consumer protection and labor safety.

      Ultimately, a lot of what I stated above is a matter of proximity and path dependence. In terms of proximity, the South (and we are really talking about Atlanta here), does not have a large supply of venture capital firms. Nor has it ever been a bastion of invention, intellectual exploration, and individualism. Year round clear weather was enough to attract ABMA and NASA to Huntsville, AL. Atlanta did not get CDC because it has low taxes or smart citizens, it came here because of a malaria epidemic. Of course, none of this will change until Atlanta is big enough to ignore the “good-ole” boys from South GA.

      • CobbGOPer says:

        You really have no clue what kind of businesses operate here, do you? I can name three venture capital firms within three minutes walk of my office. Georgia Tech and to a lesser degree UGA are huge players in biotech (ever heard of Restasis? Developed in Athens, along with another new drug that has had promising results against cancer. CANCER). We have been a tech hub for many years now, and we have offices and/or headquarters for companies like Hewlitt-Packard and IBM. Home Depot. Suntrust. Georgia Pacific. Do I need to go on?

        If the South is the ‘third-world’ of the US, why is everyone scrambling to move here? We’ve got our problems, yes, but we’re hardly Somalia.

        But Delta is always ready when you are. GTFO.

  2. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    I’m just so flattered the Living Social would take the time to conduct yet another poll about ME.

    But then again, EVERY Living Social poll conducted is about ME, so what’s your point?

      • Calypso says:

        After reading your diatribe above, I realize how you could misinterpret my comment and make your own about a shoe-wearing region.

        • I Miss the 90s says:

          It is not conspicuous consumption when one purchases the finer things in life as opposed to what is merely sufficient. Moreover, such behavior should be generalized to account for the suburb dependence on credit. Mostly, the middle-class-men were the ones buying houses they could not afford.

          Moreover, I know people wear shoes in rural Georgia. It was an ill contrived attempt at humor.

          • Calypso says:

            “…such behavior should be generalized to account for the suburb dependence on credit. Mostly, the middle-class-men were the ones buying houses they could not afford.”

            My point, exactly, and the BMWs and such which were purchased with an equity loan on said houses.

        • saltycracker says:

          When my toes are in the water and my ass is in the sand….barefoot is informal, sandals & flip-flops are formal……

          p.s. flip-flops are dangerous with beer and should be banned from the best dives…

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