Morning Reads for Monday, December 19th

“The only blind person at Christmastime is he who has not Christmas in his heart.” – Helen Keller

Here in Georgia…
– There is a special place in hell for people that steal from charity.
– The King of Pops mural at North and North Highland was painted over by the City of Atlanta. Gotta love bureaucrats.
– Expenses for Georgia lawmakers topped $1.3 million this year.
– Though his poll numbers are falling in Iowa and nationally, Newt Gingrich maintains a wide lead over Mitt Romney here in Georgia.
– Are you a homeowner in Atlanta? Chances are you paid too much in property taxes.

National stories of interest…
– North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il has died.
– Online sales have jumped by 15% over last year.
– Tim Carney expects the race for the GOP nomination to get even uglier if Ron Paul wins Iowa.
– The death of Osama bin Laden was the top story of 2011.
Condi Rice for VP?

A few that I like…
– It’s looking more and more like the Atlanta Falcons will make it to the playoffs.
– Hutson Mason, Georgia’s backup QB, is considering a transfer.
– Also, Orson Charles, Bacarri Rambo and Aaron Murray are trying to find out what they can expect if they decide to jump to the NFL.


  1. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    “- Hutson Mason, Georgia’s backup QB, is considering a transfer.”

    That kid was spectacular in his time at Lassiter High School…Shattered the state record for passing yards (4,560) and touchdowns (54) in his senior year in that fun little West Coast Spread offense that they ran.

    His only weakness is the deep ball, but he is one helluva QB in the short and intermediate passsing game.

    I’m glad that the kid is happy at UGA, but I do wish that he had more of a chance to show-off his excellent quarterbacking skills.

  2. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    “- Are you a homeowner in Atlanta? Chances are you paid too much in property taxes.”

    Too much in taxes? In Atlanta?

    What a shocker!

  3. Engineer says:

    Anybody else notice that on several news shows this morning that pundits are already saying the Iowa Caucus isn’t important? Strange how it was important when they thought it was a shoe-in for Gingrich.

    The newest poll numbers out from Public Policy Polling, PPP, (yes I know they have shown Democrat bias in the past, but it is the newest data atm) are painting interesting results:
    Note: Posted in order of percentages (and then by alphabetical order for the 3 at 10%)

    Ron Paul – 23%
    Mitt Romney – 20%
    Newt Gingrich – 14%
    Michele Bachmann – 10%
    Rick Perry – 10%
    Rick Santorum – 10%
    John Huntsman – 4%
    Gary Johnson – 2%

    In somewhat related news, the Des Moines Register has decided to endorse Mitt Romney.

  4. GaConservative23 says:

    A potential VP list should look like this:

    Marco Rubio
    Bobby Jindal
    Condi Rice
    Nikki Haley
    Mike Huckabee

    • Calypso says:

      I love Dr. Rice to death, but please, let’s not saddle ourselves with any ghosts of Bush past. Only Jindal out of the others mentioned is worth considering, at this point in time.

      • Three Jack says:

        rubio definitely number 1.

        i would also include paul ryan on the short list. he did an excellent job along with his debate partner george will yesterday going against barney frank and bob reich on the show formerly hosted by david brinkley.

  5. AMB says:

    Rubio-no one has heard of him.
    Little Bobby Jindal? Had his chance and blew it on national tv.
    Condi? Please, no war mongering reruns.
    Haley is hated in her own state. Why foist her on an uncaring nation?
    Huckabee is old, tired news.

  6. saltycracker says:

    The Occupiers of Cairo may or may not have a beef with the government or military but why burn the Cairo Library with its ancient documents and rare artifacts ?

  7. saltycracker says:

    CNN is reporting that US intelligence agencies first learned of Kim Jong’s death 24 hrs later on north Korean tv. Oops…
    Nice to have a 28 yr old with his finger on a rogue nations nukes.

  8. ricstewart says:

    Since Vice Presidential speculation has come up again, I’ll repost my comment from Frriday’s Morning Reads:

    RE: Veepstakes/Rubio
    Anyone who thinks Marco Rubio would be a smart VP pick is a simpleton.
    He would add a few things to the ticket: he’s an effective fundraiser, from a swing state, young and eloquent.
    However, the conventional wisdom that “he’s Hispanic, so he’ll attract Hispanic voters” has very little basis in reality. There’s no such thing as “the Hispanic voting bloc.” It’s actually several small voting blocs that vary by ethnicity and geography. Latinos in Florida and Utah vote differently than Latinos in New York and California. People with Cuban heritage are typically conservative, Puerto Ricans are generally liberal, and Mexicans are somewhat moderate.

    If you want Hispanic voters to vote for the Republican ticket in large numbers, they need someone whose policies – not just skin color – they can identify with. Immigration is going to be a deciding factor in the 2012 election. Policies and rhetoric do affect the Latino vote. In 2004, Latinos nationwide were still fairly evenly divided among Rs and Ds. 2006 was the year many Republicans starting using immigration as a wedge issue (which backfired) and Latino voters have become more and more Democratic since then.
    Many Hispanics (particularly non-Cubans) are disenchanted with Rubio for his lack of action on immigration. Republicans would do well to put a pro-immigrant candidate, not merely a Hispanic one, on the ticket.

    Picking Rubio (or Gov. Haley, Gov. Martinez, Gov. Sandoval, or Sen. Ayotte) would bring back the accusations of inexperience that were leveled against Palin in 2008. No matter how much they accomplish as a senator or governor in two years, people will still perceive them as unqualified. Please pick a VP nominee who has completed at least one term in a major office.

    I agree with Calypso that anyone from the Bush administration would be a bad choice politically. Even though she’s too much of a warmonger for my tastes, there’s no doubt that she’s brilliant and would bring foreign policy credentials that are lacking from the GOP field… but too much baggage. (Although I would pay to see a VP debate between her and Biden)

    Of all the names GaConservative23 listed, the only smart choice would be Jindal… but I think there are some less obvious choices who should be considered, too.

  9. ricstewart says:

    P.S.: Joseph Curl is out of his mind if he thinks a black candidate on the VP slot would make all issues of race moot.

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