Congrats To Richard Crabbe of 11Alive, And Best Wishes On Retirement

The news business isn’t all that it used to be. Those who toil in front of the camera are doing more with less, and often working longer hours to do so than they and their counterparts did just a few years ago. But at least the ones we know and see get the “glamour” of being on camera. I put that word in air quotes because I read enough of Doug Richard’s Live Apartment Fire blog to understand much of the illusion of that word.

Doug was among the first pioneers to link the blog world to traditional media. He was also the first person that put me on camera as a blogger. I’ve become quite familiar with the good folks over at WXIA 11Alive since.

Behind the folks we see on air are people like Richard Crabbe. He was the camera man who conducted the first interview I did with Doug. I’ve always found him to be professional, cheerful, and helpful to work with. Richard and those like him get to work the same long hours as the on air talent studs like Doug Richards, but don’t get any of the “glamour”, even the kind with air quotes. Usually.

But then, when you’re working with a guy like Doug Richards, and your retirement is nearing, a sly veteran reporter might just realize that his camera man can be a an expert for a day, so that the rest of us can get to see a bit of Richard Crabbe that has been delivering Atlanta’s news from the other side of the camera.

Richard Crabbe retires from WXIA today after 37.5 years in television news, with 31 of those with WXIA. I can only imagine the number of times he’s spent hours in live trucks, in varying conditions, and with “interesting” on air personalities during those years. I do know he has some stories, and I’ll bet I’m not even aware of the really good ones.

It’s rare these days to see anyone commit 31 years to the same career, let alone the same company. In doing so, Richard Crabbe has been responsible for much of what we’ve seen on Atlanta television for over three decades, though most of us would never know his name. It was great for Doug to work him into one of his final stories, I’m I’m proud to add the gesture of getting his name into a headline to recognize over three decades of true professionalism.

It’s been great knowing you Richard. Job well done.

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  1. Cookiemom says:

    Richard’s amazing photographic talent has taken him around the world. He has shared his experiences through the camera lens as only a true professional could with his family, friends and with his extended Georgia family.
    I will never be able to go to Italy, Russia, China. I will never fly in a cold, WWII B-17 over Greenland to The United Kingdom (scary, I wouldn’t really want to). Because of Richard’s keen ability to capture these experiences, I have been able to virtually partipate in all of these trips.
    When confronted with some dangerous situations, including a horrific shooting at the Atlanta Court House, he was camera ready, able to document this event as it transpired. During a riot in Tiblisi that signaled the end of the cold war, Richard was there capturing historic footage. This is a small sample of an outstanding career.
    I am hoping for Richard that this will be a working retirement where he can continue utilizing his photographic skills.
    Thank you from the family for all the wonderful photographs/footage we have enjoyed over the years. We are so proud of you.

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