Vegan Protesters Plan To Occupy The Wild Hog Supper

At least, my sense of stereotyping says the Occupy Atlanta crowd probably has its share of vegans. Consider that among the “true stuff I just made up”. Anyway,

Courtesy of the Facebook pages of Max Lehmann and Kyle Pinion, it appears the Georgia Green Party is looking to organize a protest of the Wild Hog Supper:

Every year, the second Sunday in January, the day before each year’s session of the Georgia General Assembly begins, corporate lobbyists put their stamp on it by staging this lavish event. This year’s Wild Hog Supper is the 50th.

Want to invite yourself to the Wild Hog Supper? Want to help stage an alternative outdoor beans and rice dinner across the street from the Wild Hog Supper on January 9 to drive home the point that Georgia’s government should not be for sale? Call us. Leave a message. Let’s make some plans together.

Given that this esteemed group calls this “an odious celebration of privileged excess and access” I can only assume that they’ve never attended. It’s actually one of the easiest tickets to get during the session, and most of the attendees aren’t lobbyists, but actually rank and file Georgians who get the opportunity to mix and mingle with virtually every elected official in Georgia government.

If the vegan protestors don’t plan on eating the hog, then may I recommend either the corn on the cobb or the peach ice cream. I’d also recommending getting the damn chips off your shoulder and to quit throwing temper tantrums over non-issues. There are plenty of “odious celebrations of priviledged excess and access” during the session. Or at least I presume there are, given that I’m not exactly sure what that even means. But if it means what I think it does, the Wild Hog supper ain’t it.


  1. greencracker says:

    Wild Hog is indeed such a ticket freely given that even greencracker gets one and is interested to visit the first non-Irvin Hog since approximately Reconstruction. Indeed, it’s run by Dept of Ag & friends, not the “usual” “villains.”

    However, I submit that other, more xclusive parties, are unknown to the general public. They are not openly staged at the same place every year with media coverage. Thus, Wild Hog looks greasy to said public.

    Somewhere there’s a joke about pork on the eve of the legislature.

    • Charlie says:

      “However, I submit that other, more xclusive parties, are unknown to the general public…”

      Yes, but we must continue to keep the Peach Pundit Wild Hog Road Show a secret. We will only reveal the location to people who read the internets. Please don’t tell more than a few hundred others.

  2. Andre says:

    I wonder how well a “mic check” would work at the Wild Hog Supper.


    Mic Check!


    Mic Check!


    This is the best barbecue. . .

    [. . .I’VE EVER TASTED!]

    . . . I’ve ever tasted!


    The Peach Ice Cream. . .

    [. . .IS DAMN GOOD TOO!]

    . . .Is damn good too!

    • kyleinatl says:

      Yeah, I’m sure you’ve seen your share of presentations in that joint, it’s terrible to try and and do anything in the big room other than just throw a big party. I’ll never forget my hero Mark Johnson trying to lead a chant in there during Disability Day.

    • Ken says:


      A Microphone check at a Peach Pundit Road Show would go something like this:

      MIC CHECK!





      PUT ME DOWN!

      You’re an idiot.

      You suck!

      Get the Hell out of this bar and never return!

      PUT ME DOWN!

      Pay Attention. We’re already doing that.

      Open the door. Let’s see if we can hurl him into the street from here.

      OW! DAMNIT!

      Ow! Damnit!

  3. benevolus says:

    Ahh, you guys would whine if they protested the Capital City Club or the Chamber of Commerce too.
    Speaking of non-issues. Sheesh.

    • Andre says:

      Non-issue, eh?

      I’m sure it was a non-issue for the dockworkers who lost a day’s pay due to the “Occupiers” occupying and shutting down the Port of Oakland. A day’s pay for dockworkers in Oakland range between $600 and $700. That’s rent, car payments, light bills, and food on the table. But as I said, I’m sure those dockworkers think all that is a non-issue.

      Now the Occupiers want to “Occupy” the Wild Hog Supper; a event that, as “Engineer” correctly noted at 4:11PM, benefits the Georgia Food Bank Association.

      The Port of Oakland dockworkers and the people who rely on food banks across our great state are the folks “Occupiers” purport to support. Yet, “Occupiers” frequently find ways to stick it to the 99%.

      But as you said, “benevolus”, it’s a non-issue.

      • benevolus says:

        Actually, the original post said it was a non-issue. I was just saying whining about the Occupiers is a non-issue.

        Andre, I get the impression that you would have urged the protesters at the Woolworth’s lunch counter in Greensboro in 1960 to go home because they were keeping the employees from making their tips.

        • Andre says:

          Well, shoot, there you go. Comparing apples and oranges.

          The civil rights movement does not equate to the “Occupy” movement; not one bit.

          The civil rights movement was about U.S. citizens being relegated to second-class status on account of their skin pigmentation.

          The “Occupy” movement, on the other hand, appears to be about . . .

          . . . About what exactly?

          Is “Occupy” about student debt? Is “Occupy” about foreclosures? Is “Occupy” about one group of people making more money than another group? Is “Occupy” about health care?

          What is “Occupy” about? What are they protesting? What are their goals? What is their mission?

          No one knows, not even the “Occupiers”. The only mission in the “Occupy” movement appears to be protest and get arrested.

          How does that even compare to the civil rights movement? The short answer is it doesn’t.

          Maybe, “benevolus”, you can explain what “Occupy” is all about. Best I can tell, “Occupy” is a descendant of 1960s beatnik Maynard G. Krebs.

          • benevolus says:

            The civil rights movement was about U.S. citizens being relegated to second-class status on account of their skin pigmentation.

            The “Occupy” movement, on the other hand, appears to be about . . .
            U.S. citizens being relegated to second-class status on account of the 1% stealing everything they can get their hands on.

            • Andre says:

              So what’s your solution?



              Here’s some breaking news from the wire services:

              Neither communism nor socialism work.

              Here’s some more news for you:

              The poor will always be with us.

              Even the Bible says that in Matthew 26:11, Mark 14:7, and John 12:8.

              The poor you will always have with you, and you can help them any time you want. But you will not always have me.

              There will always be rich people There will always be poor people. Try as they might, government cannot fix that problem.

  4. Calypso says:

    I understand they’re serving wild tofuhog this year. No need for the vegans to get their panties all knotted up.

  5. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    I’m sorry, but NOTHING stands between me and my meat and potatoes. Any “Occupier” that has the misfortune to get in my way is likely to pull back a stub, or two.

  6. Rick Day says:

    OK this pisses even me off! Sit in the park, storm the Federal Reserve Bank, whatever, but TWO things you do NOT do in ATL.

    1. Protest at a sports event (go on, I DARE you)
    2. Interrupt the consumption of hog.

    some things are just sacrosanct

  7. Obi's Sister says:

    Great! Now we know how to handle the pesky ‘english peas in the brunswick stew’ crisis. Give them to the vegans! They will never know they were stewed in hog fat for hours. Problem solved.

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