Congratulations, Senator Wilkinson

John Wilkinson was sworn in this afternoon as the newest member of the Georgia Senate, representing District 50.



  1. chefdavid says:

    Hey that is my Senator Mullis on the right. I resent that crack on BMI. After all he did vote in favor of requiring school kids to get tested for fitness. And it is hard to stay trim with all those meals that the lobbyist feed him.

  2. Richard says:

    I wonder if they (or Newt, for that matter) ever wonder if their ability to get elected is affected by their obesity. That would be an interesting poll question. I can see it now; ” if a candidate for office is white and really fat, will you still vote for them?” Should it matter?

      • Richard says:

        So you think it never matters? What about Stacey (I had to use my milage allowance to get to enough feed troughs to maintain my weight) Abrams?

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