Blog For Democracy: Tinubu To Resign House Seat

After a rash of appointments have caused multiple special elections to fill Republican vacancies in the Georgia General Assembly, our friends at Blog for Democracy are reporting that Rep Gloria Tinubu will resign her seat effective immediately. They cite that she will be moving out of state.

Special Elections: They’re not just for Republicans anymore


  1. ricstewart says:

    That’s surprising. I liked Representative Tinubu, even though I disagreed with her on most issues. I never spent any time around her, but she came off as a very level-headed legislator and was very accesible to the public.

  2. Though I guess there could be a valid reason like taking care of an ill family member, it’s pretty sad that being a state representative isn’t meaningful enough to actually stay in the state. Can’t imagine many Republicans would leave on a similar reason.

    • Engineer says:

      Well there is always the chance that she got an offer for a higher paying day job. In today’s job market a good job doesn’t come around every day, so sometimes you just have to jump on it.

  3. Harry says:

    Special elections are expensive. We need to start insisting that politicians promise to serve out their terms, no matter what better offer may come along.

  4. TheEiger says:

    So you wanted Glen Richardson to finish his term? Wiener, Ensign?? Yeah, that , makes since. We don’t care if you are a crook or a womanizer. Keep your seat and keep at the ladies. Let’s get back to thinking things through before we post peeps.

    • Harry says:

      If someone is caught out as a felon or guilty of sexual indiscretion, then they should resign. But resigning to take a posh state job or relocate, should not be possible. It’s a disrespect of one’s district to resign for trivial reasons.

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