Bob Barr Not Running For Congress

People close to Bob Barr are saying this morning that a final decision has been made, and that Barr will not be challenging Congressman Tom Graves for the newly drawn 14th Congressional district.

The district includes Grave’s home in Ranger, but also a lot of new territory in Floyd and Paulding counties not currently served by Graves. These areas were formerly served by Barr and were where most encouragement for a Barr candidacy was originating.

The Club For Growth weighed in heavily in favor of Graves, indicating that Barr would be facing a daunting challenge of simultaneously facing both TEA Party and Establishment Republicans. Further, Barr was receiving a lot of constructive suggestion that a person whose most recent item on his political resume was running against the Republican nominee for president may wish to re-establish his Republican bonafides before he wishes to primary an incumbent Republican Congressman.

One person close to the situation says that Barr intends to do just that, and will spend the next election cycle helping to get good conservative Republicans elected.


We have the following official word now:

(December 2011) Former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr has decided not to seek the GOP nomination for the newly drawn 14th Congressional District. Barr, a four-term Congressman representing the former 7th Congressional District in northwest Georgia, made the determination after lengthy discussion with his family, supporters and backers and law practice partners and associates. Following a poll funded by voters in the district in effort to draft Barr as a candidate, Barr’s showing was strong and favorable for the nomination. Barr’s support was particularly strong in the counties that he previously represented in Congress.

“Our country is at a serious cross-roads, without question we need new leadership in the White House, and a part of that turnaround in 2012 will be solid GOP majorities in both chambers of Congress. Since leaving Congress, I have returned to the practice and teaching of the law. Not unlike many entrepreneurs and small business owners, I am not in a position to leave my law practice for the full-time rigors of a campaign, without potentially causing our firm lasting harm. Jeri, my family and I are extremely grateful to our supporters across the district, and particularly in Floyd and Paulding Counties, who asked and encouraged me to take a serious look at this opportunity,” said Barr.

Barr served in Congress from 1995-2003, and continues to regularly write on conservative issues as well as travel and speak to groups of Constitutional conservatives across the country. Barr is a regular contributor to The Daily Caller, and maintains a blog at Since 1997, Barr has served as a board member for the National Rifle Association. He teaches constitutional law at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School.