Vernon Jones: Southern white Dems face extinction

Former state representative and DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones has penned an Op-Ed over at The Saporta Report. Jones does a good job of reviewing the evolution of Georgia’s electorate through the 1980s and 90s before deconstrucing why the current state of affairs serves neither African-Americans nor the Democratic Party.

But in the South, it appears that both political parties are becoming race-based. I think this is a tragedy for the American people and the political future of our country. As for Southern white Democrats, have you ever thought of switching messages and not party as a way to be removed from the endangered species list?

A good message is fiscal responsibility. What’s wrong with a balanced budget amendment passing in Washington? Most states and local governments have a mandate to operate with balanced budgets.

And Democrats should spend less energy on social issues. For example, why spend more time on “don’t ask, don’t tell” as opposed to ensuring our military men and women are well-paid and well-equipped?

If the Democratic Party in the South wants to regain some of its influence, it will need to find messages that appeal to moderate white Democrats and moderate white Republicans. Otherwise, it will become a black party with less and less political power and influence.

Whether you love or hate Vernon, it’s a good read, and I highly suggest taking a few minutes to hit the link.


  1. bowersville says:

    Let me come at Vernon Jone’s article from a slightly different twist while Senate 50 is still fresh.

    Apparently the demagogues had a field day. A phony Obama/Barnes flyer some how claiming that the President of the United States had conspired with Roy Barnes to influence a run off between two Republicans. Really? Based on what?

    Automated (robo) calls from a Bill Clinton impersonator followed by another group calling themselves Conservative Women and saying we now have proof he’s a Democrat. Really?

    A demagogue on talk radio saying he’s not Republican enough? Really? A flyer where the top half has to explain who or what the talk radio host is?

    A litmus test or a blood test for pure blood Republicans? Is that where the state GOP is going?

    Where does that leave the recent party switchers? Are the demagogues, phony robo calls and flyers going to drive them all off?

    Nathan Deal switched parties. Nathan Deal and the Democratic Mayor of Atlanta are working together to bring about the dredging of the Port of Savannah. Should Nathan Deal stop working with liberal Democrat Kasim Reed?

    And now Debbie of the Atlanta Tea Party espousing some elaborate conspiracy? You know Debbie, I watched the debates with Deal and Barnes. Afterwards they shook hands and smiled at each other. What do you think of that?

    If the Georgia GOP drives off people right of center and independents through chicanery, then what?

  2. 22bons says:

    You make a good point Bowersville. Neither calling people names nor establishing a series of purity tests that would eliminate most people from consideration is going to help the GOP win elections.

    And yet…. we do have in the GOP more than a few elected officials who refer to themselves as “Republican” and “Conservative” when they are running for office and do not legislate as such when elected. My opinion is that voters in Northeast Georgia are not nearly so “Republican” or “Conservative” –whatever that means — as one would believe. What we’ve got is a good old southern Democrat establishment that has maintained power by changing the name on the sign out front.

    There were a few holdouts — Alan Powell being the most stubborn in Northeast Georgia — and there is some ideological movement, but on the whole it is the same set of people with the same set of beliefs that voted for Democrats right up until that infamous blue dress was soiled.

  3. seekingtounderstand says:

    Today the Ga Republican Party is showing a young politican by the name of Ashley Bell who recently switched to the Republican Party. It was very sad to me. Why? Because they are race baiting or race pimping…………disgusting really when anyone does it.
    You see years ago while attending a Hall County Commissioners meeting I was impressed with this young lawyer who seemed to be the only one in the room who cared about people. The old white men where busy stuffing their pockets……..yet Ashely Bell stood out and I wished that night that he would survive and have a long future in GA Politics.
    Well, he decided to switch to Republicans/sold his soul for what I don’t know. But that bright star is gone and he now no longer represents people but the repulican agenda. Too Bad and now they are showing him off like a monkey in store window on the internet site.
    Sad to see that happen. He asked to start a black caucus in Hall County and the republicans said no just like they don’t let women do anything but be secretary.

    • Andre says:

      “seekingtounderstand”, what I am seeking to understand is just how you came to the conclusions expounded on in the eleven sentences you banged out at 4:56PM.

      While I won’t de-construct all your opinions, I will take issue with just one.

      the republicans […] don’t let women do anything but be secretary.

      “seekingtounderstand”, what you need to understand is Republican women are very well represented in the Party leadership. State Rep. Jan Jones is the Speaker Pro Tempore. State Rep. Donna Sheldon is the House Republican Caucus Chairman. Sue Everhart is the head of the Georgia GOP. Linda Herren represents Georgia on the Republican National Committee.

      None of the four positions that I listed are secretarial positions. And, I might add, the four positions I just listed aren’t just handed out to ensure gender diversity in the Republican Party.

      I have no doubt that Jan Jones, Donna Sheldon, Sue Everhart, and Linda Herren worked hard to achieve their standing in Georgia’s GOP.

      “seekingtounderstand”, if you are indeed seeking to understand the facts, then I’m certain you’ll agree that Republicans do more than let women be secretary.

      • Dave Bearse says:

        Whether its true or not, seeking’s remark was clearly was about the Hall County GOP, so all those other names mean nothing.

      • seekingtounderstand says:

        Hall County Republicans do not have one female in any elected position. The club has never had a female or minority in leadership position and they discourage any groups like women or blacks or hispanics from starting their own republican groups.
        Most of our leadership in high offices of state government is from Hall County GA.

      • seekingtounderstand says:

        Andre: How does a guy who with such passion supported Hillary and Obama but now is a repbulican advocate?
        As an independent, people just don’t switch that much in their personal beliefs.
        Perhaps you would enlighten us on what made you switch parties and stop blogging for Huffington Post.

        • Andre says:

          “seekingtounderstand”, you seek answers to why I made the switch.

          I’m not an elected official. I never had a seat to protect. I have no plans to run for office. So what could I possibly gain by joining the Republican Party, especially considering that I live in a high-performing Democrat area.

          The short answer is, I no longer believe in what the Democrats are selling.

  4. seekingtounderstand says:

    Interesting point, today a get a request from Nathan Deals PAC for money. Gov. Deal is a hugh supporter of Newt Gingrich. The only solutions or policies that Newt is talking about require a hugh growth of government services.
    His views on illegal workers shows an elitists academic whom is out of touch with America people.
    Gee, one could make the arugment that “Newtee” is far far left than OBAMA.
    So I called Deal’s office to ask them to set us straight, does our Governor believe in that government is the asnwer to everything including illegal workers? No response yet.

    • objective says:

      not sure if your idea of calling Newt to the left of Obama is sarcastic.
      regardless, the statement that such arguments could even exist point to an absurd tendency towards viability of extremist arguments.
      that’s the kind of stuff that feeds the misrepresentations made by candidates, parties, issue groups, etc…
      i believe that the best practices of politics would simply focus on policy positions and moral character- forget the labels that don’t work- whether the labels are party ID or skin color

      • Calypso says:

        “…whether the labels are party ID or skin color…”

        Then how would the vast majority of the electorate know which lever to pull?

  5. slyram says:

    Jones wrote this one; it is like a history of Black/White politics in Georiga. In my community, we know that an all-Black political party isn’t cool and that is what the Dem Team is becoming in the South.

    Vernon Jones should team with former AL congressman Artur Davis introduce smarter voting to our community. A good place to start would be our which hopes to see Black Dem voters switching things up by voting in the GOP presidential primary.

  6. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    This just in: Southern White Democrats have been placed on the Endangered Species List and officially classified as “Most Threatened”.

  7. Jane says:

    Black Democrats need to demote the few Urban White Liberals in the Democrat party. The road to power is to work with Republicans who are Social/Religious Conservatives and Fiscal Moderates. The GOP will soon show signs of an ideological split alone those who are purely candidates of the Chamber of Commerce versus those whose power base is in the Churches. I would argue that those whose power base are in the Black and White churches have more in common than either have with the Buckhead Republicans or the Feminist left. Can this happen? The reason we have a Women’s Right to Know law was because the Black Caucus allowed thier members to vote along side the white Republican Evangelicals for this Pro-life bill.

  8. AMB says:

    Why would American blacks who have fought so successfully for freedom and their civil rights submit to a GOP theocracy?

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      So that they can get elected to statewide office in Georgia and get even bigger gifts and campaign contributions from lobbyists for big business. DUH!

  9. Jane says:

    African Americans are among the most devoutly religious communities in America. It is poverty that have driven them away from their natural allies among White religious activists. While afluence has made many White Republican’s forget their Christian obligations to the poor. There was a time when American Blacks and abolitionists, the religious reformers of the day, walked hand in hand. That time can come again.

  10. Dave Bearse says:

    Yes a good read but Jones large is advocating that the path to success is Dems running as GOP lite.

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