Morning Reads for Wednesday, December 7

“The beginning is over, the end hasn’t come yet. All I care about is now.” -Nucky Thompson

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  1. L. Max Lehmann says:

    Dunwoody, GA – Grassroots efforts and an informed electorate produced the impressive election results below: Courtesy AJC

    Voters soundly rejected negative campaign messaging from the mayoral candidate Bob Dallas, bt a 20% margin. Multiple negative mailings included typical “attack facts” that are often the fodder of traditional campaigns. An unusual, late breaking article by Dick Williams, The Crier, provides depth and details:

    Dunwoody – Mayor

    Candidate Votes
    Mike Davis 3,432 60%
    Bob Dallas 2,267 40%

    Updated Dec-06-2011 08:53 PM 100% reporting (13 of 13 precincts)

    This is the THIRD time Dunwoody has rejected negative campaign tactics!

  2. jiminga says:

    Another story about the city fire department refusing to fight a fire outside the city due to a county resident refusing to pay the $75 annual fee. The county residents refuse to fund their own fire department but they expect another taxing jurisdiction to provide the service for free. The people in support of the “victim” also must be in favor of buying car insurance after an accident and expecting their prior losses to be covered. Bad decisions have consequences and the “victim” learned that the hard way. Life is sometimes hard.

    • jiminga says:

      And I might add there is a long standing precedent for fee based fire protection. When visiting historic Charleston, SC you’ll see large cast metal discs bolted to many residences that signify the resident paid a fee for fire fighting. No disc, no fire fighting. The old tradition and the modern story are both further proof that “hindsight is 20-20”.

      • Engineer says:

        Are you sure about that? Those large disc-shaped bolts were put in after the Charleston Earthquake to strengthen buildings that survived the quake and were added in some of the newer buildings (immediately afterwards) as a counter for future earthquakes.

    • Seems to me like a mandate/penalty structure is needed for this fire department. Definitely shows you why we need a mandate for health insurance though – an idea that both leading Republican presidential candidates (and scores of conservative thinkers) have embraced at some point or another. Unlike this fire department if you show up at the hospital without paying for protection they’ll actually treat you instead of just watching you die.

      Would probably make sense for this fire department to give you the option of paying something large – $5k? – to put out the fire. Though based on the prior story and this story (trailer parks) they are probably rightly concerned about collection. Why the county doesn’t just negotiate with the city to have fire service provided for everyone and include it in annual taxes is beyond me though.

      • saltycracker says:

        Didn’t recall reading if the trailer was insured. And if so you’d think the insurance company requires that fire fees be paid (Iinsurance companies track fire ratings/protection closely) That takes us to an owner maybe deciding not to insure and not to pay a fire fee. Trailers go up pretty fast.

        The County policy makes it pretty clear that bad things might happen when one is free to decide. From their website:

        Obion County, Tennessee
        Rural Fire Protection Plan Information

        Did you know that 63% of all annual fire calls in Obion County are rural fire calls (fire calls that occur outside the corporate limits of the cities & towns)?

        Obion County has never provided Rural Fire Protection Services for the rural residents of Obion County. Our County Commissioners have always assumed this basic emergency service to be the responsibility of the cities & towns of Obion County. Unless a Fire Department offers a Rural Fire Protection Subscription Service, the taxpayers of the city or town are paying for your service. Therefore, if you live outside of town in areas such as Hornbeak, Obion, Rives, Troy & Samburg, the taxpayers of these towns are paying for 100% of your fire protection service. Sixty-three (63%) of the times one of these fire departments are called upon, they travel outside their respective city limits to provide life-saving and property saving services.

  3. TolleyJenkins says:

    “A Tennessee homeowner was forced to watch her family’s home burn to the ground because she hadn’t paid the city’s ‘no exceptions’ $75 fire protection fee. How did that bill get passed?”

    Because socialized fire protection is socialist. Doi.

  4. saltycracker says:

    File under crime pays – if you make enough you can fight & settle –

    How did the Feds let a high living couple rip them off for over EIGHT years running ?

    SEATTLE — A Seattle chiropractor and his wife live in a $1.2 million waterfront home and have spent the past eight years flying to Moscow, Paris, Israel, Turkey, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

    Now, the U.S. attorney’s office is suing David Silverstein and Lyudmila Shimonova, accusing them of filing false claims and demanding that the couple pay back more than $135,000 in federal housing assistance since 2003. Prosecutors are also seeking tens of thousands of dollars in fines.

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