Senate 50: It’s Senator John Wilkinson

With nearly all votes counted, John Wilkinson has defeated former State Rep. Rick Austin (nearly) 59-41%.

Wilkinson won all counties except Habersham.

12,000+ voters.


  1. Archon says:

    Can you post the county by county numbers or us there a link you can put up to tge results breakdown please.

  2. ……………………Austin……… Wilkinson…..TOTAL

    BANKS………… 306……………773
    HART…………….357………… 683

  3. fishtail says:

    Riddle me this Mr. Rountree…Roy Barnes got involved in the State Senate race up in NE Georgia in the last few days. The incumbent senator there was appointed by Deal to be Adjutant General so they had a special election. The runoff was between a former state rep named Austin and a fellow by the name of Wilkinson, both R’s. Austin sent a mailer out last week with a picture of Roy and Obama saying Wilkinson was just like them. This mailer irritated Roy and Roy ordered up the list of all the D’s (9,000) in the district and did a robocall last night paid for by himself asking the D’s to vote for Wilkinson. Wilkinson won tonight by 60%. Barnes has never even met either one of them. He may have more influence in the Republican primary than in the Democratic one. And perhaps this will have a lesson for other demagogues…you tread on Roy and he will tread on you.

      • Actually we will know soon enough. Once the state updates their voter file (and we acquire it from them), I will run a count of the number of today’s voters who voted in either the 2010 general Democratic primary or in the 2008 Democrat Presidential Preference Primary.

        I’m betting it’s pretty small, though. I tend to think that many Democrats these days wish Roy Barnes would just go away rather than respond to him.

    • robert stokely says:

      Well Roy tried that in Coweta / State Senate 28 and got his behind handed back to him…. Mike Crane won big. Negative One for Cagle who supported Crane’s opponent. Casey might want to think of what his next best career opportunity is…..

  4. Howard Roark says:

    Here are a couple of post to remember from several weeks ago in this race:

    Matt Stout November 2, 2011 at 8:26 pm
    “Do you hear that sound Highness? It’s the sound of the shreeking eels; they always grow louder when they are about to feed on human flesh.”

    –Vincini, “The Princess Bride”


    tylandred November 3, 2011 at 8:56 am

    That shrieking you are hearing is the sound of the A Train rumbling thru Hart and Franklin County. They cannot handle the loss of their golden boy.

    This should quiet them down.


    • Howard Roark says:

      For the record Tylandred here are the results from Hart and Franklin on November 8 and Dec 6:

      Nov 8th
      Austin – 363 votes, 18.9%
      Wilkinson – 1008 votes, 52.5%
      Austin – 446 votes, 28.7%
      Wilkinson – 589 Votes, 37.9%

      Dec. 6
      Austin – 275 votes, 18.9%
      Wilkinson – 1182 votes, 81.1%
      Austin – 357 votes, 34.3%
      Wikinson – 681 votes, 65.7%

      That A train really rolled through Franklin and Hart county

  5. Howard Roark says:

    Another great moment from the past on Peach Pundit.

    Matt Stout November 30, 2011 at 7:26 pm
    Ok Bowersville, here you go:

    Rick Austin 60%
    The other guy 40%

    See you boys in the funny papers


    You almost got this one right Matt.
    Hard to believe The Other Guy polled higher on the ballot.

  6. Doug Grammer says:

    Matt will learn. Run offs are funny things. It’s OK to have a favorite, but I’d leave the prognosticating to those who are doing the polling.

  7. debbie0040 says:

    So there were two races the Democrats were involve in ? In these races the Lt. Governor and some state senators endorsed and worked for a candidate that Roy Barnes and the Dems also supported? Just what kind of nefarious alliance do the Dems, Lt. Governor Cagle and some GOP State Senators have?

  8. debbie0040 says:

    The elections last night proved a wash. In 28, Seabaugh was aligned with Rogers and Williams and a candidate was elected that was aligned with them. In the 50th Buttermilk was aligned with Lt. Gov. Cagle and a candidate aligned with Cagle was elected with help from the Democrats. Is that about right?

    • Howard Roark says:

      General Butterworth is the leader of the Georgia National Guard. I fine it quite offensive that you would refer to the leader of the Georgia National Guard as “Buttermilk”. I am sure our fighting men and women appreciate your disrespect.

      The tired story that CC was aligning himself with Senate democrats or democrats in general is laughable. He would never be reelected state wide if he bought into such an alignment.

      • bowersville says:

        Maybe Debbie reads all those phony Obama/Barnes flyers and believes them. Who knows? Maybe Debbie got an email from that fraud Beth Merkleson. BTW Debbie I was in North Carolina the other day and saw Beth Merkleson’s photo on a milk carton. She may be real. The only problem is I believe the photo was shopped. Looked a lot like my photo just to the right.

        It is over the top for Debbie of the Atlanta Tea Party to refer to the Commanding General of the Georgia National Guard as Buttermilk. It’s General Butterworth Debbie.

  9. Bloodhound says:

    Yea Howard the first of your quoted posts was in response to me pointing out that the “A Train” had an incomplete bill of lading.

    I was trying to help keep them on the tracks not wanting them to jump the rail before entering the station & Matt pops out the prose.

    BTW, one of my favorites at the sushi bar just happens to be smoked eel!

  10. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Anyone who truly believes John Wilkinson is a Democrat, or even just a RINO, is ignorant to the greatest degree possible.

    What happened in this situation is that Roy Barnes decided to get even with whichever punk was trashing his name to get Rick Austin elected. He, without any consultation with Wilkinson, Cagle or any Republican I am sure, acted to assist Wilkinson b/c at least the Wilkinson camp didn’t go trashing his name. I can tell you, the John Wilkinson I know is certainly not a fan of Governor Barnes ideologies, but I believe he respects everyone as a person, enough so that he won’t go around trashing their name to scare voters into casting their vote for him.

    If the Tea Party has such an issue with Democrats voting in the election, perhaps they should ask Congressman & Tea Party Poster-Boy Paul Broun how he first got elected over Jim Whitehead….targeting and receiving a bunch of liberal voters in Athens-Clarke County who decided it’s better to have a Republican from Athens than a Republican from Augusta representing them.

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