Senate 28: It’s Senator Mike Crane

With about 9,000 votes cast, Mike Crane has won Senate 28 over Duke Blackburn.

Crane won with 60% of the vote, winning Carroll, Coweta (where more than 2/3rds of the vote came from) and Troup. Blackburn took Heard.


  1. Press release was sent out tonight… (the formatting will not hold when i copy/paste this)


    Mike Crane Wins Runoff to Represent State Senate District 28

    December 6, 2011, Newnan, GA ‐ Today the voters of Georgia’s 28th Senate district elected Mike
    Crane to represent them as their next State Senator. Crane survived a nine‐candidate special
    election on November 8th to compete in today’s runoff.
    “Tonight I am truly honored and humbled to have been chosen to serve the people of our
    district,” Crane said. “I’m happy to know that the ideas of conservative values and a commonsense,
    business approach to government resonated with the voters.”
    Crane spent Election night with numerous supporters in Newnan. Crane addressed the crowd as
    the results came in. “We have worked extremely hard over the last two months to get my
    message out. I have been blessed by the support of my family and with the help of so many
    volunteers along the way. I owe you all a tremendous thank you.”
    While the election may be over, Crane recognized that the real work has just begun. “Tonight is
    a beginning, not an end. We’re all going to get some rest and get ready to go to work for the
    great people of the 28th district. We have many challenges facing our district and our state; I am
    going to hit the ground running to promote economic growth, and better, more efficient
    government. My thanks go out to all of the voters of the 28th district; I will not let you down.”

  2. robert stokely says:

    Mike Crane and his team worked without tiring and as hard as any seen in a long time in these parts. What is amazing is Mike finished behind his opponent in every county and in some respects by a wide margin. Mike not only made up ground, but in Coweta he went from being 700 votes down in Nov. election to 1600 up today. Likewise in Carroll he went from being several hundred down to 400 ahead. He went from barely losing Troup to winning comfortably there. In Heard County where he lost badly, he cut us vote gap in half, although he lost the county in the end. All in all he moved his vote percentage to 60% and won impressively even with Zell, Roy B., Casey Cagle and the four county Sheriffs endorsing his opponent. He did that while outpaced – really outpaced – on money. He did that with hard work, his family’s hard work, and a swarming army of dedicated volunteers who covered the district and without one single noteworthy endorsement. Grassroots lives in State Senate 28. Mike Crane is a turf farmer.

    Congratulations Mike. You deserved to win. I look forward to your leadership and representation.

  3. debbie0040 says:

    I have major issue with the fact that our supposedly Republican Lt. Governor endorsed and worked for a candidate that the Democrats were comfortable with and endorsed. Also disappointed in the state senators that also endorsed the candidate the Dems were out working for. Exactly what kind of nefarious deal has the Lt. Governor and some state senators made with the Democrats?

    Next year is going to be very interesting..

    • Calypso says:

      Please realize that not all Democrats are evil and that not all Republicans are perfect.

      No reflection on this, or any, particular race. Just something to keep in mind.

  4. debbie0040 says:

    Calypso, I do understand that, believe me. It is disgusting to see the Lt. Governor and his allies willing to reach out to Roy Barnes and the Dems in order to grab power the Georgia Constitution does not allow. What kind of deal was cut?

    I wonder how conservative voters will react when they find out what was done?

    • Velasco says:

      You and your conspiracy theories. It’s clear you have a personal vendetta against Cagle and will make up “alliances” and “deals” for your smear campaign.

      I’d suggest you go read the state’s constitution. You have a misguided interpretation. Also – I’m pretty sure your desire to change the GA Constitution would dissipate if one of your “allies” was Lt. Governor.

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