Late Issues Affect Savannah Mayor’s Race

The race for Savannah’s Mayor ends in a runoff today, and frankly hasn’t received the coverage or discussion here it deserves. The race is now between Edna Jackson and Jeff Felser, with the campaigns facing late questions about contributions and tactics as reported in the Savannah Morning News:

Jackson’s campaign received a $2,500 campaign contribution from a Teamsters Union-affiliated committee on Nov. 14, which was duly reported on her financial disclosure reports.

State law, explained on the website of the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission, states that no candidate or committee shall receive from any entity a contribution that, for a general runoff election, exceeds $1,300.

As for Felser:

Felser’s campaign is facing questions about the proper use of photographs used in a flier mailed out over the weekend.

Chef Joe Randall contacted the Savannah Morning News on Monday to complain that a photograph of him with Felser was used on the flier without his permission. The photograph was taken earlier this year at the grand opening of the Food Lion on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

“It gives the implication that I’m with him all the way,” Randall said. “I didn’t endorse him or Edna. I live outside the city. I can’t even vote in the election. No way did he have my permission to use my likeness.”

In addition, the race also seems to be stirring issues within the ranks of the Chatham GOP. Perhaps our commenters from coastal Georgia can shed more light on cryptic emails I’ve received over the past few days, but local Republicans appear very split over whom to support in the officially non-partisan race. It appears former State Senator Eric Johnson has sided with Edna Jackson, with at least some vocal rank and file GOP members believing Felser would be closer to Republican principles.

The issue will be decided by voters today, along with other runoff elections throughout Georgia.

H/T to Bill Dawers.

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