Fake Barnes endorsement calls in SD 50?

I’m hearing that a fake endorsement call purporting to be Roy Barnes endorsing his “good friend” John Wilkinson hit the 50th Senate District today. I’ll update with anything else that comes my way and seems at all credible.

[UPDATED] Almost immediately after publishing this post, I began to hear that the Barnes call may have been genuine, and now I believe it was. Demonstrates why it’s bad to assume. But it also demonstrates the corrosion to the public trust that occurs when anonymous spending and dirty tricks become commonplace in elections.


  1. debbie0040 says:

    Is it true that the Carroll County Democratic party sent out an email encouraging people to vote for Mike’s opponent or was that a campaign trick?

    • I think they did and seeing as how it’s a free country good for them. In order to take back this state Democrats are going to have to vote for the “good” Republicans in some races.

  2. fishtail says:

    No fake Barnes call…it was real…Austin sent out a propaganda mailer last week lambasting Wilkinson for being just like Obama and Barnes…Barnes got even with Austin by ordering a robo-call to the 9000 Democratic voters of the Senate District. Barnes does not know either Austin or Wilkinson, but perhaps this will send a message to the jerks who love to mis-characterize their opponents.

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