Election results for Savannah Mayor

As of 8:40, Edna Jackson leads Jeff Felser by 20 votes out of 5664 cast.

As of 8:43 Jackson leads Felser 7757 to 7015  (52.5% to 47.5%).

Bordeaux will defeat Clinton Young. He’s leading by 60-40 now.

On Tybee Island, challenger Barry Brown defeated Bill Garbett (incumbent) 54-46%.


  1. drjay says:

    it’s over, felser lost 56-44, actually closer than i expected…

    and the tybee thing is relative, they both are on council–brown now has a 4 year term and garbett a 2 year one–incredible waste of resources–one of them could have garnered a great amt. of goodwill by “conceding” and volunteering for the 2 year seat…

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