Special election season continues as Rep. Len Walker resigns

According to Sharon Swanepoel of Loganville.Patch:

The governor is expected to call for a special election in January to replace Georgia HouseDistrict 107 Rep. Len Walker (R-Loganville) who has accepted a position as senior chaplain forBig Canoe Chapel in north Georgia.

Walker, who currently lives in Loganville, will be moving out of District 107 to take up his new appointment. Another Loganville resident, Tom Kirby, announced he will immediately begin campaigning for Walker’s seat in the General Assembly. Kirby has not previously been elected to public office.

Kirby said Walker is expected to resign his term at the year-end and the governor will then call for a Special Election. The seat will have to be contested again in November 2012 under the new District 114.


    • 22bons says:

      Yes he did. The interesting thing is that Tom Kirby intended to run against John Linder. The others in that race got in only after Linder announced his intention not to run again.

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