BCS Sunday

Later today, the cluster that is the BCS selection committee will decide who plays in the College Football National Championship game. Most likely, they will choose LSU and Alabama, both from the same division of the same conference.

I was apoplectic when ESPN wanted to shove a Michigan-Michigan State rematch down the nation’s throats a few years ago. Luckily, that was decided on the field the next week. I didn’t think then, nor do I think now, that two teams from one conference should be allowed to be in the final game when there is no playoff system to get them there. But as often happens in the political world, many people – including Alabama’s own Nick Saban – have changed their arguments 180 degrees to suit their current interests.

While this is not a purely political topic, the nature does cross politics. Proposals tend to get floated from various politicians to “fix” the BCS about this time. If you think the amount of money in this game is ruining college football, just wait till the government imposes a “solution”.

Until then, college football in this current system gives us a great opportunity to argue about relatively meaningless things, most of which we can never influence nor change. A lot like politics.



  1. Max Power says:

    The good news is that if they rematch LSU/Alabama, I’ll have one less game to watch. Give OSU performance last night they should get a shot at LSU. BTW: It seems only fitting that the first Big Ten champoinship game was the best of the day.

  2. debbie0040 says:

    If the best top two teams should play, then it should be LSU-Alabama. If the Number 1 team and Number 3 team should play then it will be LSU Okie State. Whatever is meant to happen will happen.. The SEC should not be penalized because it is such a strong conference.

    Roll Tide !!

    • Romegaguy says:

      Call your friend Ralph and see what his friends that run the Indian Casinos say the line is for the game

  3. Look at it from LSU’s point of view. They’ve already defeated Alabama at Alabama. What do they prove beating them again? What happens if they lose to Bama? You need a third game to decide things.

    Sorry Debbie, let’s give Okie State a shot.

  4. debbie0040 says:

    If it is meant for Bama to be in the BCSNC game they will. I f they don’t it is because voters decided the number 1 and number 3 teams should play. This could have been avoided had Bama taken care of business in the LSU game.

    BCS Debate
    Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musburger on who should play in the BCS title game – Their comments came after OSU bashed OU


  5. saltycracker says:

    Rematch – LSU – Bama
    Rematches don’t always turn out the same – particularly a defensive battle that was settled in OT.

    Okies’s were beaten by a so-so Iowa team – bashing their rival OU ? Baylor, TT & FSU beat OU, the former two bashed by Okie’s. Statistics won’t put them at 2.

    Georgia had many chances to get into LSU’s head early – great plays, lousy execution…..and when they didn’t, we could smell the outcome…..

    Georgia Southern is still on a roll – where’s their press ?

  6. Three Jack says:

    it really doesn’t matter who plays lsu because that team is not going to lose. no first downs for the entire first half and still wins 42-10…amazing.

    uga — bloomin onions falling from the skies…again. somebody needs to show the receivers how to put on their stick em gloves because they obviously had them inside-0ut last night.

  7. David C says:

    Bama had their chance in Tuscaloosa, didn’t get it done. You know who scored more than Bama vs. LSU this year? Oregon, West Virginia, Florida, Auburn, Tennessee, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky and WESTERN KENTUCKY! One thing the SEC Title Game proved to me yesterday is that Bama doesn’t deserve a rematch. If Georgia can play well enough to be 2 drops from a 21-0 halftime lead on LSU, then “only” losing 9-6 in Overtime is not impressive enough to ignore that the rest of the resume is rather pathetic. (Good teams Alabama beat this year: Arkansas, Penn State?, …) LSU’s defense is insanely good, but Oregon did score on them (335 yards, 27 points). I think Okie State could too.

    As to ending the BCS, please don’t. The great thing about College Football is that every game matters. Win them all like LSU, and you’re probably going to be in. Lose one, and fate’s out of your hands. Lose two, and you’re pretty much done. Contrast with the No Fun League, where no regular season game matters. You could have the Ravens beat the Steelers twice, but if they lose the playoff game it doesn’t matter. Give me a sport where every weekend can change the season, whether it’s Bama-LSU, Oklahoma-Baylor, Stanford-Oregon, or Boise St-TCU. I enjoy that far more than I care about finding the “true” national champion. 20 years ago, College Football was about more than a national champ. Wonder if I watched Georgia-Florida in 1980, how often the “National Title” would come up.

  8. debbie0040 says:

    Bama will be in the BCSNC Game. We were still 2nd in Coaches Poll and ranked 2nd in at least two of the BCS computers and no lower than 3rd on the other four. It will be close but from what I can tell so far is that Bama fans can start popping the bubbly because the numbers are not there for Okie State..

    If Bama is in the BCSNC, they will defeat LSU by 10 or more points..And that should settle the matter once and for all who is the best..

    • racinwithrex says:

      Looks like some more of that Bammer math that just don’t add up… LSU has Beat BAMA…. Deal with it!!!!!!!!!! But to get beat twice in one season???? Oh the shame of it all! Funny how BAMA fans hope to get into the Championship game while LSU earned their way in…..

      • debbie0040 says:

        LSU had help from Bama and the bad call. Bama will be in the BCSNC game. Just watch it yourself and see. Bama will win this time… You corndogs really don’t want a re-match do you? Most of my family lives in Louisiana and I have told them the same thing. we will see January 9th..

  9. debbie0040 says:

    BCS guru Brad Edwards just tweeted….”After seeing coaches’ poll, I’m projecting Bama to finish 2nd in the BCS. Not a lock, but odds heavy in Bama’s favor.”

    One of polls, Sagarin poll still has Bama # 2 and the lean Big 12.

    • All the more reason for a playoff. The LSU-Bama rematch will either crown LSU SEC champs for a second time or give us a tie for the SEC championship.

      It was hilarious yesterday to hear a BCS official on the UGA pre game show explain that the BCS was created for the student-athletes.

      • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

        College presidents will never, ever support a playoff because FBS college football would supposedly have to reduce the number of regular season games to 10 and a playoff would supposedly include only 16 teams at the most so that playoff games could be played throughout the entire month of December or whatever.

        Either way, no college presidents in the FBS (Division I) are going to give up the revenue from one, two or even three home games for a playoff that would only include either 8 or 16 teams and devalue the current bowl system which has proved to be very lucrative for a lot of schools, even the schools that don’t qualify for a BCS bowl game, traditionally.

        A playoff might be a slightly fairer way of deciding a national champion, but there would still be controversy over who is #8 or #16.

        Personally, I would rather argue over who is #1 than over who is #8 or #16.

        Also, were talking about a national championship game rematch of the top two teams in the SEC, two teams that just also happen to be the top two teams in the country, so anyone who lives in SEC country or closely follows SEC football shouldn’t really have any complaints about the conference being so dominant.

  10. debbie0040 says:

    Bama was informed they were in the BCSNC game. I received an email with travel/ticket packages. I will watch the game outside the SuperDome . Tickets are too pricey for me – 1400.00 per ticket..

  11. drjay says:

    i can’t believe that after all this time you folks still can’t ease up on all these shameless attacks on the ox, let it go already…

  12. Doug Deal says:

    If one more of the computers had put OSU at 2, instead of Alabama, OSU would have gone.

    I agree with Charlie’s assessment and this is eerily similar to what goes on in politics. Switch the names and the opinions flip as well.

    There is one correction though, it was not a Michigan State – Michigan rematch, it was Ohio State – Michigan. At the end of the season, there was a push to get OSU and Mich to rematch in the BCSC bowl since Michigan lost a close game to OSU the final week of the Big 10 season. Michigan was #3 the week following the loss, and USC and Florida had 2 weeks of games left. USC lost the last game of the season and under any other circumstances would have moved back up to second, but Florida won the SEC championship and Urban Meyer started lobbying.


    He (Meyer) went on to explain that it wouldn’t be fair to Ohio State [that’s life without a playoff, Coach], that Michigan had their shot and didn’t even win their conference.

    Some of the coaches in the SEC even voted Michigan out of the top 5 to give Florida more of a chance to overtake them. In fact it was all en vogue in the SEC to argue that only conference champions should go.

    A year later, Les Miles used the same argument agianst UGA, so effectively that even though O(hio)SU was 3 and UGA was 4, OSU earned the top spot when #1 Missouri and #2 West Virginia lost, but Georgia was jumped by three teams (LSU, Oklahoma and Virginia Tech).

    • jhuoj says:

      Michigan was 2 following the loss. There was so much debate that the week after having Michigan ranked 2 following the loss to OSU, the pollsters voted in USC at no 2 expecting them to win out. When USC did not follow plan and lost, that’s when the debate of putting Michigan at 2 or having Florida get their chance picked up again in the last week. But to your point, everyone who rallied against the rematch have flipped positions. Back then, the SEC wasn’t seen as very powerful because they couldn’t produce a no loss team. Remember the arguments made that it was because the SEC was so tough that it just wasn’t possible. The SEC should be given a shot, etc.

      Have no problem with a rematch had that been what was done back then. But it wasn’t.

      We changed precendent. The way the BCS is setup is that the only way you avoid controversy is if you have two unbeaten major conference teams. Anything else will always be a matter of debate. By doing this, we have changed the precedent to where that since the SEC currently is viewed as the best conference by far, a one loss SEC team will always beat a one loss conference champion team out.

      • Doug Deal says:

        I was referring to the Coaches poll (which put USC #2), not the AP or the BCS, since that is the one Charlie was referring to, regarding people switching their logic.

        No matter what happens, the rule should be only conference champions compete for national titles. If you cannot win your conference, based on the rules agreed to before the season, you have no right to claim you are the best in the nation. You had 8 games to prove that and came up short.

        If playoffs are implmented, hopefully they are smart about it and just take 8 schools (16 is a bit ridiculous, since you only play one game a week), using the 4 major bowls as the first round. Give the top 8 rated conference champions an invite and tell the rest to shut up and learn to win when they are supposed to.

        1. LSU (SEC Champ)
        2. OK State (B12 Champ)
        3. Oregon (PAC 12 Champ)
        4. Wisconsin (Big T1E2N Champ)
        5. Clemson (ACC Champ)
        6. TCU (MWC Champ)
        7. SMU (Conference USA Champ)
        8. West Virginia (Big (l)East Champ)

        Notable exclusions:
        Alabama, Arkansas, Boise State, Houston, Virginia Tech (did not win a conference)

        If you seeded it, the first round matchups would be:
        LSU – West Virginia
        OK State – SMU
        Oregon – TCU
        Wisconsin – Clemson

        If favorites advanced, round two:
        LSU – Wisconsin
        OK State – Oregon

        And the finals:
        LSU – OK State

        It may not be “the best 8 teams”, but if the “best” team lost in the first round of a playoff, would they get a second chance in the finals and a third and a fourth until they finally won? Having a competition of second chances for a championship is stupid.

        • drjay says:

          meh, i know they are different set ups, but as someone who mostly follows pro sports, i don’t have a problem with non conference champs getting to the “playoffs” whatever those are–a wildcard if you will…and frankly even in college hoops and basesball, plenty of folks have won nat’l titles after failing to capture conference crowns…

          • Doug Deal says:

            It is one of the reasons that pro sports bores me these days. The only one that has a halfway decent way of determining their championship is MLB. Not only is it only three divisions and a single wildcard in each league and they play 5 to 7 game series.

            The opposite extreme was the IHL which had 17 teams and 16 would make the playoffs, reducing the regular season to a virtually meaningless pre-season, but at least there was still a series.

            The roughness of football limits teams to a single game a week, so the series is not an option, but the title of conference champion should mean something real, especially since most teams play such a weak out of conference schedule that it is nearly impossible to compare the major conferences.

  13. drjay says:

    you know if things were being done “old school” there is a really good chance that the orange bowl would be osu v. bama in a 2/3 matchup and lsu would be playing, maybe stanford in the sugar–that’s almost a playoff right there if the 2 winners then played eachother the next week…

  14. Charlie says:

    Bowl Tickets On Sale Now To General Public

    ATHENS, Ga. Tickets to see the Georgia Bulldogs take on the Michigan State Spartans in the Outback Bowl on Monday, January 2, are on sale now. Kick-off is scheduled for 1:00p.m..

    Tickets are $75 and can be ordered online now @ http://www.georgiadogs.com or by calling the Athletic Association ticket office 1-877-542-1231 between 8:30a.m. – 4:30p.m. Monday-Friday. All orders will be filled in the order in which they are received and upon availability.

    Members of The Georgia Bulldog Club will receive the number of tickets to the bowl they requested during the pre-order process with Hartman Fund contributors receiving priority on ticket assignment based on their cumulative score. Members of The Georgia Bulldog Club who have not yet placed an order to Outback Bowl may order tickets at this time, however they will not be assigned based on priority but in the order which they are received.

    All tickets will be shipped via US Postal Service Priority Mail the week of December 12.

    The Bulldogs will be making their 47th appearance in a bowl game. Georgia currently has a 26-17-3 record in bowls. This will be the Bulldogs’ 11th straight bowl appearance under Coach Mark Richt and 15th consecutive overall.

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