“Georgians for Conservative Leadership” registered 11 days ago

The group that sent two mailers in the SD 50 runoff, one touting John Wilkinson and another asking voters to “Vote No on Rick Austin” was registered with the state Campaign Finance Committee as an Independent Committee on November 22, 2011.

Donations disclosed under the Two Day Business Reports rule included:

$5000 from Georgia Health Care Association PAC on 11/30/2011
$1000 from Charles Tarbutton of Sandersville, GA on 11/30/2011
$1000 from Lee Hunter, President of Midtown Vending of Atlanta on 11/30/2011

Georgians for Conservative Leadership was registered as a 527 organization on November 22d.


  1. Word says:

    This is just a guess and I have no proof to back it up but just by looking at the contribution list and the fact that it’s a mailer going after Rick Austin it has the finger prints of Casey Cagle.

  2. rebelyelp says:

    Interesting that the 12/1 report has “Georgia” for Conservative Leadership and the 12/2 report has “Georgians” for Conservative Leadership. It looks like they are having a hard time keeping their names straight.

    It’s also interesting that two of the images on the pro-Wilkinson mail piece are mirror images of photos that appear on Wilkinson’s website, and the third smaller inset photo is an exact replica of an image that appears on Wilkinson’s website. Does that suggest coordination with Wilkinson’s campaign? Someone should ask him, or ask David Phillips who is listed in Wilkinson’s filing as being responsible for the website and photos.

      • rebelyelp says:

        Thanks. That was well worth reading. Have you also spoken to, or attempted to speak with, David Phillips?

        • PaulVRea says:

          He was my point of contact and sent me the quote from Wilkinson. They deny any involvement as you saw. It would be hard to prove that the photos weren’t just lifted straight from a website somewhere. I just did a test and was able to lift a high quality image right off the his campaign page but it wasn’t identical. The one on the mailer is the same shot but there’s more of it on the mailer, top of his hair, landscape etc., than on the site. So the one I was able to get from the web was cropped quite a bit. It’s interesting but I’ve found nothing probative yet.

  3. SallyForth says:

    Question: Could this Independent Committee become a 3rd Party, qualify Independent candidates like the state Democratic Committee and Republican Committee both qualify candidates? That could make for some interesting politics in the future…..

  4. Richard says:

    It is interesting, and perhaps instructive, that one contributor owns a railroad and another distributes legal gaming devices to small retail businesses.

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