Anonymous mailing in SD 28 uses same mail permit as SD 50 mailings


Anonymous direct mail targeting Duke Blackburn in the SD 28 runoff election bears the same return address and postal mailing permit as earlier anonymous attacks in the 50th Senate District runoff.

Paul Rea of News Talk 810 Radio has analyzed the earlier claims, and today writes:

The attack on Duke Blackburn focused on campaign contributions, specifically contributions to former Governor Barnes and former Lt Governor Mark Taylor. The front of the piece screams “DUKE THE DEMOCRAT Don’t Be Fooled!” with screenshots of state websites purporting to show Blackburn’s support for Democrat candidates.

What the mailer doesn’t show is the fact that Blackburn gave more money to Republican candidates Sonny Perdue and Lynn Smith around the same time and gave $1000 to Republican Mac Collins for his run at U.S. Senate in 2003.

Rea notes that both sets of  anonymous mailers attack candidates who have been endorsed by Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle. Read to the end for the money quote:

Former 50th District Senator Jim Butterworth was a steadfast Cagle ally while the former Senator from the 28th, Mitch Seabaugh, had aligned himself with the caucus majority. When Butterworth stepped down to take over the Georgia National Guard and Seabaugh left to become Deputy State Treasurer, both sides in the senate power struggle jumped in to replace their guy and maybe pick up a new vote for their side.

In the 50th, Senate Leaders Rogers, Williams and Staton along with State Senator’s Bill Cowsert, Jack Hill, Buddy Carter and Fran Millar gave a combined $9000 to Rick Austin’s campaign in the weeks leading up to the special election in November. I’m certainly not the first to notice this fact. The AJC pointed out the numbers weeks ago.

Cagle took sides in both districts just this week endorsing Duke Blackburn for the 28th and John Wilkinson in the 50th.

While he didn’t name specific senators, Wilkinson says the situation might have been the other way round if he had made a different choice early on. “They (senate leaders) approached me; I was not willing to commit to them, to walk in lock step with them. They told me, well in that case, I would have a formidable well- financed opponent running against me and I did the very next day. I wouldn’t make that commitment to Casey Cagle either. He didn’t ask but I wouldn’t have given him such a commitment even if he had. My only commitment will be to the constituents of the 50th district.”


  1. ricstewart says:

    Maybe it’s anonymous because the sender is ashamed of his or her bad grammar.
    It should be “Obama and the Democrats’ newest trick.”
    Spend a few extra dollars and have a copy editor look over political mailers. It’s worth it.

  2. For what it’s worth, I called the Tucker post office this morning and was told that Site B Marketing and Mailing was handling the mail for that permit. The Secretary of State’s website says that’s an LLC created on Aug. 19 and based at a Norcross address. It lists Robert Gates as the registered agent.

  3. SallyForth says:

    Somebody sure is spending a lot of money for a job that pays so little…. Could it be there’s more in it than that piddly legislative pay?

  4. Archon says:

    Not for nothing but before Paul Rea gets too excited in defense of Duke Blackburn’s funding of the old guard liberals he worked for his entire life let’s not forget that Casey Cagle cut a deal with Mark Taylor back in 1999 and contributed $1,000 to the big guys campaign while he was a sitting Republican senator. The caucus didn’t forget and Casey was sent packing from the leadership team. I am sure if you go back Casey gave more $$ to Republicans too but that isn’t the point. The point is you have one candidate with a history of working for some of the dirties democrats in the state and financially supporting others being supported by Casey Cagle who has shown time and again he is willing to sell out anyone for his own power. He tried to make a deal with Robert Brown this year he tried to make a deal with Mark Taylor in 1999 and now he wants to bring in liberals and converts to help facilitate the deal for next year. It is time Republicans say enough is enough. We tolerated Sonny Perdue as our transitional Governor but we shouldn’t tolerate Benedict Arnold’s in our own party who have no moral center or core belief system. If Duke is willing to be bought off now use wait until you see how quick he is leashed and lead around by the nose if he should get to the Senate.

  5. Harry says:

    Wow, there seems to be a lot of questions. What unnamed sources were masterminding these rogue mailers and where did funding materialize if not from campaign accounts? I never realized that special elections had so much meaning. Obviously the Senate is in play. And what is the involvement of aspiring radio journalist Paul Rea, who did a pretty fair job building his own Wikipedia page.

    • rebelyelp says:

      I’m not sure “journalist” is the best description of Rea:

      “In 2009 Rea began working as a Media and Messaging Consultant for government and corporate clients…. Rea has since returned to Savannah to provide media and messaging support to political clients in advance of the 2011 municipal elections.”

  6. Coweta Voter says:

    It was poorly written, but let’s tell the truth here.

    Mr. Blackburn is related to Mac Collins, so the donation is obvious here and Lynn Smith is a LONG TIME family friend. He did not donate to them because he believes in their ‘Republican Ideals’ – which is very weak when you look at Ms. Smith’s voting record.

    Additionally, Mr. Blackburn’s brother – Robert Blackburn – gave $1000 to Casey Cagle’s run for Lt. Governor. This is a double sided endorsement by Cagle – one as a payback to Mr. Blackburn’s brother, and, most importantly, a move by Cagle to regain his power in the Georgia Senate which has been taken from him. Mr. Blackburn is prominently displaying letters of endorsement from Senator Jeff Mullis and Senator David Shafer. These two Senators are part of the 9 that promised to side with the Democrats to give Cagle his power back.

    Does a more obvious move need to be pointed out here?

  7. CowetaVoter says:

    I’m a different CowetaVoter than the one above but there is also another reason Duke Blackburn and his brother Robert Blackburn went into politics and that is the new Piedmont Hospital being built in Coweta county and the proposed new I-85 exit/access ramp at Poplar Road that has yet to be built:
    First, the Blackburns sold the land to build that new Piedmont Hospital ($12 million, finagled through their good ole boy connections) and they own a whopping 442 acres of rural land surrounding that new hospital. Now T-SPLOST will fund a $25 million dollar I-85 access ramp DIRECTLY TO Blackburn’s 442 acres. When all this started, both Blackburn brothers all of a sudden decided they wanted to be in politics basically at the same time. Why? So they could have a front row drivers’ seat to funnel tax dollars to fund access to those 442 acres that they’ve already said they will commercially develop around the hospital.

    Bob Blackburn ran and won the county commissioner seat and thus, will directly control road widening, changes in ordinances, re-zoning their 442 acres of rural land to commercial, etc. Duke Blackburn as a state senator can funnel as much influence as he can from the state level such as votes on special funding, state grants, additional SPLOST initiatives, etc. The financial gain?? TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN COMMERCIALLY DEVELOPED LAND THAT USED TO BE RURAL WITH AS MUCH TAX PAYER MONEY AS POSSIBLE PAYING TO PROVIDE ACCESS.

    Just to give you an idea, Robert Blackburn, as a county commissioner, has already headed up the effort to change the logging ordinances and now has succeeded in changing it to favor commercial development of rural land. The logging ordinances USED TO PREVENT the commercial development of logged land for 5 years without penalty. Robert Blackburn overturned the ordinance to drastically reduce the penalties so logged land could be developed within 5 years. Then Duke Blackburn started logging the land. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it all out!

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