Debates in HD 68, SD 28 elections; New Mayor for Peachtree Corners

Six candidates to succeed Rep. Tim Bearden in House District 68 appeared in a forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters in Carrollton.

Few sparks flew in the two-hour public forum, sponsored by the Carrollton-Carroll County League of Women Voters, as the five Republicans and one Libertarian found many areas of agreement, such as support of immigration law, education, health care and tax reform.

Meanwhile, in SD 28 a debate sponsored by the Coweta Tea Party Patriots featured only one candidate, Mike Crane. The Newnan Times-Herald continues to set the gold standard for coverage of local elections in their story on the would-be debate.

Listening to Mike Crane, a candidate for the state Senate District 28 seat, it becomes apparent there are a couple of books he keeps close at hand.

One is the Bible, the other a copy of the Federalists Papers — the latter a series of essays written by the early Founding Fathers promoting ratification of the proposed U.S. Constitution.

Crane mentioned both during what was supposed to be a candidate debate Tuesday night. However, his opponent, Duke Blackburn, did not attend.

Blackburn told organizers more than a week ago he could not be at the forum because of previous engagements. The organizers — the Coweta Tea Party Patriots and the Carroll County Tea Party — decided to hold the event anyway.

Metro Atlanta’s newest city, Peachtree Corners, has its first Mayor; Mike Mason, President of the United Peachtree Corners Civic Association, is unopposed. The six council seats will host contested elections to be held March 6th, 2012 and the City will officially be incorporated in July.

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  1. Blewits says:

    The Newnan Times Herald has done everything in their power to turn out the vote for Mr. Blackburn and demonize the Coweta Tea Party at the same time.

    It’s kinda like Little Macon down here in Coweta County. The Good Ole Boy network is alive and well down here and they know how to circle their wagons!

    The Times-Herald had a reporter at the forum Tuesday night and rather run a story (only online thus far, not even in print) about what happened at the forum, they ran a story about how much money each candidate had collected and from whom! They finally put one online only later today, after several people called to complain. It’s embarrassing at this point.

    Nathan Deal, Casey Cagle and the good ole’ boys are truckin’ down the road – and these two Senate races may end up filling their tank!

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