Farmers To Plant Less, Try To Use H-2A Visa Next Year

Doug Richards spoke with some Georgia farmers who say they will make adjustments to next year’s crops.

Planting time forces Stanley to gamble on how much labor he’ll have next spring, and he’s betting low. He’s planting 1,000 acres of Vidalia onions between now and the end of December — 200 acres less than he planted a year ago.

“I don’t want to plant extra onions and not be able to get ’em harvested,” Stanley said.

Stanley says he’s also going to use H2A next spring even though he and other farmers have long complained it’s mired in bureaucratic red tape and costly to use.

“You almost have to have your own Human Resources department to process the paperwork with H2A,” Hall said. “It’s a massive amount of paperwork.”

Hopefully Congressman Kingston and Westmoreland will be able toease the burden H-2A places on farmers


  1. fuzzypeach777 says:

    How will I ever get this cotton picked without these slaves….?
    Cotton grower after the Emancipation Proclamation, 1800’s

    Looks like we are steady on course to repeat the same stupid mistake of trying to use brown people to obtain lowest possible cost per unit agriculture in this country.

    Civil war…2.0, with modern weapons.

  2. Harry says:

    Make sure the H-2A employers are required to cover medical expenses or other issues that would otherwise have to borne by the taxpayers. If that’s the case, then I support it.

    • saltycracker says:

      workman’s comp is part of H2A – the provisions doing just what you suggest are why the farmers want to use & exploit the illegals – more than less cumbersome, it’s way cheaper….

      H2A does need to be streamlined as the senators are working on….

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