1. Andre says:

    The question that immediately comes to mind is this:

    If this lady had an affair with Herman Cain for thirteen years, and kept details of the affair secret for thirteen years, why can’t she keep her mouth shut for another thirteen years?

    It smacks of opportunism to go public now that Herman Cain is running for President.

    • nast says:

      “It smacks of opportunism to go public now that Herman Cain is running for President.”

      Seems like you answered your own question there.

    • Monica says:

      Ahm, she got as many as eight calls a day from the media outlets – many of them – seeking an interview, according to her lawyer. She and Cain were obviously not the only ones who knew about this since he flew her around the country to meet him, and it carried on for 13 years on and off. Someone leaked the story, and it might have been someone from Cain’s camp since he decided to surround himself with a bunch of amateurs. I supported Cain before anyone supported him, I’m incredibly disappointed, but not delusional. If you’re a married man, what woman are you calling in a middle of the night or at dawn other than your wife or mother? Please… There are probably several people who knew about this, and even though this woman didn’t take any money for the interview, others might see it as a cash cow. Put a fork in him….

  2. saltycracker says:

    She should have waited until her publisher was ready to release the book……
    Another Restaurant Association connection….Flag for piling on !!!!!!!

  3. Three Jack says:

    where is gloria allred? sorry ginger, no gloria, no future. you threw your sugar daddy under the bus and got nothing…you aren’t even a good cheater.

  4. cheapseats says:

    I don’t really care how many women Cain slept with because he’s not going to be POTUS but, people have asked me why I thought somebody would “come out” like this on somebody after being quiet about it for so long and I know my answer – because they may become influential or, in the case of POTUS, monstrously influential across the globe!

    I’ve had folks do me wrong, do other people wrong, commit some serious breaches of ethics, etc. and I just mark them off as slime or “bad people” and stay away from them forever. But, if one of them was about to be elected, I’d damn sure “come out” on them. You don’t do this easily because you know you’re going to get slammed by a bunch of pundits and know-it-alls (see above).

    Is this woman telling the truth? I don’t know and I don’t care that much. But, if she is honest then she’s also courageous. Or, she could be the opposite of both. Maybe we’ll find out and maybe we never will.

  5. Doug Grammer says:

    I went to MyFoxATLANTA.com and saw the evidence cited: cell phone calls. And it looks as if they weren’t verified either. No texts saying “I can’t wait to see you again,” no proof the she was in the multiple hotel rooms that she claimed she was in. How hard would it be to keep a receipt or a door key? Why didn’t this come out when he was running for U.S. Senate?

    • ted in bed says:

      “Why didn’t this come out when he was running for the U.S. Senate?”

      You mean other than this being a lie? Perhaps, its because he can win and that scares the DC establishment of both parties.

      The simple fact is Herman is an outgoing guy who hasn’t met a stranger yet. My wife was in an elevator with him at some hotel downtown a long time ago. She came home talking about him and how nice and personable he was on the short ride. He is an extrovert, not a pervert.

  6. Romegaguy says:

    Cain’s attorney not helping here
    ” This is not an accusation of harassment in the workplace – this is not an accusation of an assault – which are subject matters of legitimate inquiry to a political candidate.

    Rather, this appears to be an accusation of private, alleged consensual conduct between adults – a subject matter which is not a proper subject of inquiry by the media or the public. No individual, whether a private citizen, a candidate for public office or a public official, should be questioned about his or her private sexual life. The public’s right to know and the media’s right to report has boundaries and most certainly those boundaries end outside of one’s bedroom door.”

    • Monica says:

      No, he’s not helping, he’s actually honest though. As a lawyer he knows not to say the woman is lying if she has proof cause she can sue. Face it people, it’s not easy, I get it, but Cain is just not right.

  7. SallyForth says:

    What’s the old saying about “smoke” and “fire”? It would appear that Herman has raised a little cain over the years….
    If anybody is thinking about running for president, they might want to check out the skeletons in their closets before qualifying. Oops! That sure hasn’t stopped Newt, so maybe Herman figured he’d get a pass too.

    • Doug Grammer says:


      If I claimed you approached me, and then 3 others said the same thing about you and them, would that be smoke?

        • Doug Grammer says:

          If were running for President and you had started to lead in the polls, do you think that people might make up things about you?

          • SallyForth says:

            Again, prolly so — but if they were just fantasy, there would be no corroborating evidence and I’d skip on along.
            But this IS fantasy, ’cause I sure won’t be running for President! I just hope for good, solid candidates who don’t have so many skeletons in their closets. One serial philanderer in this race (Newt) is more than enough.

            Re Cain, I have thought since the beginning that he qualified in order to get all the free TV appearances and newspaper, media coverage that would cost mega millions otherwise – in order to sell tons of books on his signing tour and make the big bucks.

            • Doug Grammer says:

              So if we were friends and we called each other, my cell phone record would be corroborating evidence of an affair? Bear in mind that it doesn’t appear that fox five even called the number shown just to see who answers.

          • Monica says:

            Because he’s the only one that has been leading in the polls? I didn’t hear about Perry cheating, or Bachmann, Romney hasn’t had a roll of women accuse him of harassment or affairs. How did that happen Doug? Sorry, expect a teary eyed conference sometime soon with a confession here, cause as I said before, a married man has no business calling random women at 6 am that are not business associates or family.

            • Doug Grammer says:

              You didn’t hear about Perry cheating because of the 3 departments he’s going to eliminate….2 named and 1 he can’t remember and because if you don’t agree with him on schooling kids of illegals, you have no heart. Gov. Romney is, well, Gov. Romney..stuck around 25%. If he goes higher, expect things to come out and remember I told you so.

              I don’t know the details, but the accusations have to stay in the media for a while…at least until Iowa. Maybe he’s been friends with the wrong sort of people. She wasn’t random. He admits they were friends. Perhaps they aren’t as close as she wanted. Maybe the affair is true, but based on the odds, I doubt it.

              • Monica says:

                60 calls/messages in the last few months, some at 4 am, to a friend? Doug, you are really trying here. This is as clear as it can get.

                • Doug Grammer says:

                  Going by the standard of 60 calls and messages in the last few months being as clear as it gets, I have had at least six people in my life that I have had affairs with. Some of them are male, and NO, I don’t swing that way. The call at 4 am is suspect, but I’ve called and been called after midnight before by most of these six people. Friends who are night owls have no problem calling other friends if they know they are up. That being said, I would like to hear his wife’s take on it. Just out of curiosity, did he call her at 4 am or did she call him? And did the other person answer?

                  I’d set the standard a tad higher. Show me where she made phone calls on her phone in different cities when Herman was in those cities at the same time. Show me receipts where she paid for things in the hotel or nearby store with a credit card. It’s possible he’s guilty, but it hasn’t been proven to me yet.

  8. oldman45 says:

    Cain is the opportunist. He saw a chance to sell a lot of books and raise the Cain brand name so he jumped in this race for President. You can tell by the mistakes he has made that he didn’t do his homework before deciding to run. He has no chance of beating Obama. And now he is taking the Cain brand name down the drain. See ya later Herman.

    • Doug Grammer says:

      If Herman got the nomination, I think he could win. However, his chances are currently heading in the wrong direction for him.

    • Andre says:

      So basically, we have another woman smelling an opportunity to collect cash by making difficult to prove (or disprove) allegations against a prominent presidential candidate.

      How fortunate are we that folks are guilty until proven innocent in a court of public opinion.

      • L. Max Lehmann says:

        There may be a lot more to this story based on Ms. Ginger’s own account. She indicated that she wanted to break this story before others did so. Who? Why?

        In my opinion, an enterprising, local, online ‘media’ reporter could begin by digging into public access databases and develop the real story, IF ANY.

        • Andre says:

          Ah, Mr. Lehmann, how glad am I that you brought up the subject of public records.

          DeKalb County public records show that Ms. Ginger White is a defendant in magistrate court. The type of case is a dispossessory, which means Ms. White is being put out of her residence for violating her lease or not paying her rent (itself a lease violation).

          What intrigues me is that fact that Ginger White was served with the dispossessory November 18th. White then had seven days to file an answer in court or a default judgment, in favor of the plaintiff, would be issued by the judge. It does not appear that Ms. White has filed her answer to the dispossessory. So it begs to question why someone, in danger of losing their residence, would decide to open up a new can of worms by hurling accusations against a prominent presidential candidate.

          I’m trying to find Occam’s razor here; that being the simplest answer is most often the correct answer.

          Question: What does a lady on the verge of being evicted from her home gain from accusing a prominent presidential candidate of having a 13-year affair with her?

          Answer: Money and notoriety from telling her story.

    • Monica says:

      So? Donald Trump has a history of financial trouble. 80% of America at this point probably has a history of financial trouble. Our lawmakers have history of financial trouble. That’s exactly the type of person that a powerful man likes to occasionally hook up with – which is apparently what was going on here. He had control over her. Sad, very sad, a year ago I would have never thought Herman Cain was that guy.

      • Andre says:

        I pray you, Monica, are never publicly accused of behavior that attacks your character or damages your reputation. But, Monica, if that day does come, I sincerely hope you receive the same benefit of the doubt that you have given Herman Cain on this board here today.

        • Monica says:

          Yeah, I’ve given him that. I was still kinda sorta waiting it out after it came out that he had the complaints filed against him – cause I’ve seen those situations, and I know that very little is needed for these kind of allegations. And I dismissed the other two women since they never filed anything I decided I will side with him on that.

          But now, after this, look Andre – there’s a difference between giving someone a benefit of doubt, and just looking for excuses or just pure delusion. This is all going on around the same time in his life, mid-life crisis years, connecting the dots will lead you to only one conclusion. This woman knew his favorite restaurant, she knew his personality, she received as many as 60 personal calls/texts in the past few months, some at 4 am. Really Andre? Really? Come on.

      • Doug Grammer says:

        Please explain how he had control over her. He had money and she didn’t? She never worked for him and maybe that’s her problem….

          • Doug Grammer says:

            I haven’t seen that. Are you sure? Even if he was “helping” her, there’s nothing that kept her from turning down the help. You need to make up your mind. Is she a business woman or a street walker?

  9. bowersville says:

    I’ve long grown weary of the Republican flavor of the month. Same thing all over again. Cain’s up, Cain’s down. Gingrich up, when will he go down?

    Maybe somebody in the Republican party will figure it out before the fat lady sings. The object is to unseat President Obama. Anybody want to talk about that?

    • Monica says:

      No, the objective is not to just unseat Obama. The objective is to put the right person in the position of the most powerful politician in the world. Enough of this – anybody will do as long as he puts R next to his name – also known as Mitt Romney. At this point we need to focus on Congress, we simply don’t have a good candidate for the White House this time around. I like Perry, but he can’t articulate himself, so that’s a done deal. So the objective at this point should be putting genuine conservatives in the Senate and the House so that Obama can be stopped that way, because he’s obviously not going anywhere…

      • Doug Grammer says:

        He’s not going anywhere as long as you think unseating him is not the objective. However, there are many millions of Americans who disagree with you.

        • Monica says:

          Unfortunately you are correct. This is why we will never get out of this debt, and never get this country settled economically, we’ll just keep putting Bush – Romney type of characters in charge so that they can increase the size of government and overspend. But that’s okay, because they’re Republicans…

      • cheapseats says:

        Not playing for either team, I’m disgusted by the “anybody but Obama” crowd. This is the POTUS we’re talking about – not some county commission seat.

        So far, I don’t see any of the challengers as being “better than Obama” – different but not really better. The pendulum politics in this country is not only tiring but damaging to our long-term success. I don’t want any extremists on either side. Romney isn’t easy to get excited about but he’s probably more towards the middle and certainly a lot more experienced than the rest of that crew.
        Obama is about the same distance from the middle as Romney – witness how the extreme left is so angry with him for not being liberal enough for them.

        Cain: government ain’t business and you can’t run it like one and be successful; sorry but it really is important for you to understand other nations because that’s a key component of the job
        Newt: it’s not a game of who can get the most power for their buddies – it’s our damn country and the POTUS is not some fat check from a lobbying group for you to spend at Tiffany’s
        Perry: sorry, we tried a dim-witted cowboy recently and it didn’t work out for us

        • Monica says:

          Wow, funny about cowboys.. I agree with what you say, only with Romney you have no idea what he really believes, you don’t know if he’s more to the middle or right or left. He’ll say anything at any point to put himself in office. He could easily run as a Democrat.

  10. fuzzypeach777 says:

    The dichotomy here is how blind and deaf the media is about Obama. There is so much not known about the man’s past. Where are his former girlfriends? How did he and Michelle meet? Why doesn’t anyone remember him at college? It goes on and on…

    Yet we get this anal exam of Caine and every other viable Republican candidate.

    It is time I think to reexamine the “free” press in this country and their seemingly built in bias. Perhaps some higher standards for reporting need to be mandated.

  11. Three Jack says:

    this is the classic ‘drag a dollar bill through a trailer park’ moment. this woman has absolutely no credibility, yet she is announced as ‘business woman ginger white’ by the media. if this tramp is a business woman, then paula jones was a ‘state executive’.

    move along, nothing to see here.

    • Monica says:

      Well, she said clearly that she’s unemployed. Her lawyer on the other hand said that he’s afraid she’ll lose her job now that she came out with this. So I don’t know where the media is coming up with this businesswoman thing, I guess she did own a business at some point but got sued by her partner and lost that case because she was a no show in the courts.

  12. Dave Bearse says:

    Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee told Fox News that White’s charge was “the most damaging allegation that has been made, to date” about Cain.

    Who knew that an allegation that Herman Cain had an extramarital affair was worse than trying to force a woman to blow him in exchange for a job? We should’ve known it though, given the experience of the GOP making a federal case out of a consensual adulterous BJ.

    By the Huckabee standard, Newt’s got two strikes against him.

  13. Dave Bearse says:

    Cain will be leaving the race. He’s made the calculation that while harrassing women on the job might not have hurt him on talk radio or book tours, adulatory would knock out half of his target audience.

  14. Engineer says:

    I remained skeptical of the sexual harassment charges, but after this, I think it is safe to say that the Cain Train just drove off the side of a cliff. On the other hand, Newt did the same thing, but he married the woman he had the affair with. So I dunno.

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