1. saltycracker says:

    While my family members twiddle in the stands the real America rabidly consumes:

    In L.A. a woman pepper sprays WalMart shoppers to get her items –
    In N.C. police have to use pepper spray in a WalMart chaos –
    Also in N.C. shots were fired in a mall –
    Also in CA a man was shot in a robbery outsider Walmart –
    In W. VA. shoppers ignore & step over a dying man in Target –
    In Pittsburg women duked it out in Victoria Secrets –
    In S.C. near a Walmart a women was shot in a robbery –
    In N.Y. a man was trampled to death in a WalMart –
    In Arizona a grandpa was smashed to the ground in a confusion & arrested in a WalMart

    At least – by comparison – GA shoppers aren’t the strangest in America:


  2. saltycracker says:

    Dawgs and ‘ Noles snacked on gator this year….
    ‘Noles 21, Gators 7……..shoulda been a shutout……

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