Could Newt Be The Next McCain?

What does the Gingrich campaign of today and the McCain campaign of 2007 have in common? They were declared DOA around the summer time, but started to see a rise in the polls. Ultimately, McCain became the nominee after a drag-out, knock-out slugfest between Huckabee and Romney. Now, we see Cain on top, Romney second, and Newt is third. People are saying “Romney is the inevitable…just accept it.” Maybe I’m just stubborn, but I’m not willing to say that someone is inevitable just because they’re the “moderate”.

Yeah, Romney might be the eventual nominee, but it hasn’t been determined yet. The caucuses and primaries haven’t been decided yet. These races are different than 2008, but Newt is currently in the same position as McCain was 4 years ago. There are political dynamics that don’t make this exactly the same (i.e., McCain was considered the moderate candidate much like Romney is today). There’s a possibility that the slugfest could be between Cain and Newt that could make Romney the nominee, but we’ll see.

Newt might have gained enough speed going into the primary, but it’s possible he really could be the flavor of the month. Until then, enjoy the turkey.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Hope not -the latest flap is the TP e-mails blasting Newt’s immigration solution.
    He offers a rational approach in a mind boggling mess that can’t be easily fixed.

    Plucked from the AJC:

    “Paul Kent, a member of Georgia’s immigration control board and national spokesman for Americans for Immigration Control…” said:

    “Remember that Newt Gingrich retains strong credentials on this issue since he favors enhanced Mexican border security and fencing, no benefits for illegals, tough employer sanctions if illegals are knowingly hired, and making English our official language of government….”

    Here is his 10 step solution to a legal nation – to refer to it as amnesty suggests one has not read point #5.

    • Doug Grammer says:

      From the link: “ensures that those who broke the law pay a stiff penalty”

      Please explain how the candidate of your choice has a different approach that is more sensible. I am fine with illegals paying money for breaking the law and not shipping all of them back. Shipping them all back without securing the border is a waste of time and money.

  2. 22bons says:

    I don’t think Newt wants to win. He doesn’t even want to be a contender. The scrutiny of being a front runner would damage his brand and defeat the purpose of “running” for President in order to nurture and maintain his influence. Thus his comments on immigration in the last debate which will cost him with the base and lower his poll numbers in short order.

  3. L. Max Lehmann says:

    This video shows Newt is answering a question, but the question is clipped off. If you listen carefully Newt references a Con Law Professor and how defining ‘person-hood’ is within the purview of Congressional power. I suspect Colmes is trying to make Newt look bad…but to many, the value of his ‘stock’ just went up.

    Unless we focus on the paramount issues at hand -US debt; the important issue of person-hood is moot. America must choose how to best divvy up government spending on entitlement and military programs and an intelligent approach to new revenue generation.

    A stable US, sustained by steady growth and prosperity, is better able to withstand the retching arguments that will surely follow the issue surrounding overturning Roe V. Wade, which is the end-game to ‘person-hood’ legislation.

    It is imprudent to dilute our focus away from the complex national discussion on how we spend our wealth.

  4. saltycracker says:

    The largest party (crossing all D-R-I lines) in America is now the “me first” party demanding an unearned/non-produced piece of prosperity. To double down on the mess, leverage is multiplying a false sense of the prosperity that is unearned.

    The scales are tipped to over 51% of the population being culturally bankrupt (“me firsts” at all levels) which will lead to financial bankruptcy.

    On the positive side the producers can do as Charlie gave thanks for (my interpretation) and be pioneers in a new normal of less than 49%.

  5. Straight Talking Jim says:

    Newt’s no McCain. McCain never, to my knowledge, took particularly Liberal positions the way Gingrich has. We need real Conservatives to win the Presidency, not phonies like Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, and certainly not jokers like Michele Bachmann, Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum. We need a proven, tested Conservative leader like Rick Perry in the Presidency.

  6. debbie0040 says:

    Newt has some tea party support and is not a liberal. I would say that Cain, Paul and Gingrich all have some tea party support…Tea party activists are not jumping behind one candidate-yet.. I think they are sitting back and waiting to see who will emerge that has the best shot at defeating Romney.

    Rick Perry? I can tell you that tea party activists in Texas do not like Rick Perry one bit.. They were warning everyone before Perry announced..

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