Pre-Thanksgiving Open Thread

It’ll likely be quiet around here for the next few days. Our contributors are mostly spending time with family and friends, as are those we cover. Feel free to use the space below to talk among yourselves. I’ll have my usual column posted this afternoon with my new and improved outlook on Thanksgiving. I’ll be taping a segment for 11Alive news tonight to discuss last night’s Presidential debate, then I will be taking tomorrow off.

I wish all of you and yours a safe travels and a happy Thanksgiving.



  1. John Konop says:

    Does this help or hurt Newt? Another interesting part was when the Romney people were asked about how they would deport 11 million immigrants after ripping Newt, they had no real answer.

    ………After tonght’s debate, Mitt Romney’s campaign clearly saw an opening to go after a surging Newt Gingrich, after he argued for considering a path to citizenship for immigrants who had originally come to this country illegally 25 years ago, but had spent decades integrating themselves in a community.

    “Newt Gingrich supported the 1986 amnesty act, and even though he conceded that was a mistake, he said that he was willing to repeat that mistake by extending amnesty to immigrants who are illegally in the country today,” Romney adviser and spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom said in the spin room following the AEI/Heritage Foundation debate in Washington, DC. “Mitt Romney is against amnesty, and Newt Gingrich made it very clear he was for amnesty.”

    I followed up by asking Fehrnstrom whether Romney believed in deporting those immigrants who are already here illegally.

    “He doesn’t believe in granting them amnesty,” Fehrnstrom responded.

    That started a back and forth exchange worthy of Abbott and Costello, as Fehrnstrom kept continuing to drive the “no amnesty” point home, and I tried to get more details.

    I followed up again, asking what “no amnesty” would mean for the people already here.

    “Well, first, you have to get turn off the magnets to get them to stop coming.”

    Again, I asked about those already here.

    “He would not grant them amnesty,” Fehrnstrom said.

    “But what would he do with them?” I asked.

    He reiterated, “He would not grant them amnesty.”

    I asked again, “But what would he do?”

    “I just told you, he’s not going to grant them amnesty,” he said.

    Again, I said, “That’s not an answer, that’s telling me what he won’t do. What would he do?………….

  2. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you as well. I hope that you all get to gorge yourselves on turkey, fall asleep while watching football and avoid getting trampled on Black Friday or on Thanksgiving Night which seems to have turned into Black Friday Eve.

  3. gcp says:

    The Romney spokesman should have said you continue the current deportation policies, you don’t sue states when they enact laws, you increase workplace enforcement but you don’t legalize those that came here illegally. Those that choose to stay will continue to be illegals. Also just maybe you should actually close the door and much of the problem will be resolved over time. And by the way, few people seriously advocate forced removal of all illegals. That’s simply hyperbole and hysteria from the amnesty crowd.

  4. Herb says:

    Came away from yesterday’s debate thinking, as usual, that Ron Paul won, but Newt Gingrich would be the nominee. The only real question is who he picks as VP. The strongest bet would be someone like John Thune, Bob McDonnell, Mark Kirk, Tim Pawlenty, George Pataki, Gerry Johnson, or Piyush Jindal, but I can handle Newt picking nuts like Joe Arpaio, Scott Walker, John Kasich, Tom Tancredo, Nikki Haley, Rick Perry, Chris Christie, or Michele Bachmann. Just means an improvement for Obama from his lousy 2008 numbers.

  5. Herb says:

    I’m getting a kick out of this “Rebel Romney” thing going around Twitter. Had, for the first time, a full Friday morning full of gut-busting laughter.

  6. Herb says:

    On this Thanksgiving day, I am thankful for the Democratic Party’s successful efforts at stalling the GOP’s obstructionist Legislation and their big victories in the 2011 elections.

  7. saltycracker says:

    Electric vehicles a safety issue ? Concerns that the Chevy Volt can be a “thermal event” !!!

    NHTSA launches formal probe of Volt fires
    4:23 p.m. CST, November 25, 2011

    Federal safety officials said Friday that they are investigating fire risk in General Motors Co.’s Chevrolet Volt after crash tests caused two cars to catch fire…………

    “Because of these test results, NHTSA has opened this investigation to examine the potential risks involved from intrusion damage to the battery in the Chevrolet Volt,” the agency said.

    As a result, NHTSA said it would further investigate the potential for risk in crashed Volts along with a broader review into the safety of electric vehicles.,0,6890275.story?track=rss

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