Morning Reads for Monday, November 21st

“We just stepped on their face with a hobnailed boot and broke their nose. We just crushed their face.”Larry Munson

Here in Georgia…
– Secretary of State Brian Kemp is defending Georgia’s voter ID law against some national criticism.
– Critics of the new HOT lanes on I-85 continue to express their dissatisfaction. Sorry, but I just don’t get why they dislike these lanes, which have been very successful elsewhere.
– We now know why Herman Cain received Secret Service protection. To protect him from the media.
– The City of Atlanta is spending millions on settlements for everything from personal injury claims to damages related to sewer backups.

National stories of interest…
– Law enforcement arrested an al-Qaeda sympathizer suspected of planning a terrorist attack in New York City.
– National Debt: $15,000,000,000,000
Peak coffee? PANIC!1!!
– Two Democratic pollsters have suggested that President Obama should not run for re-election.
– Charlie Cook doesn’t believe that 2012 will be a wave election because there has been too much exposure for both parties in Congress.
– After being raided twice by the feds, Gibson Guitars has hired several lobbyists to deal with the Congress.
– Here is a side-by-side comparison of the tax plans offered by the Republican candidates for president.
– How are the GOP candidates doing in terms of congressional endorsements? Roll Call has the list.

A few that I like…
– Jay Leno’s 2012 GOP Jeopardy.
– The 2012 recruiting class for Georgia has some thinking that we could have another Dream Team on our hands.


  1. Cassandra says:

    The Super-Duper Committee is signalling ‘no deal’ which is a really big deal. If the Super Committee cannot agree on $1.5T or so in budget cuts, a number claimed too small to adequately address US debt issues by some, then mandatory budget cuts of that amount are required.

    The so-called ‘trigger cuts’ are made equally from defense and entitlements, leading som to wonder if that is even possible. Hardworking lawmakers John McCain and Lindsey Graham are drafting legislation to offset defense cuts.

    AJC writes the story here:

    • Rambler1414 says:

      Are the defense cuts that would be triggered,

      ACTUAL defense cuts?
      Or are they just lower yearly increases than what Defense usually gets?

      • Three Jack says:

        after the ‘super committee’ fails which is a good thing, congress should do as newt suggested a few months back….it’s job. each sub-committee needs to put forth austerity recommendations then debate in an open forum. i know this is a radical idea, but it’s time for congress to get back to doing the job of setting responsible budgets for this country.

        • Rambler1414 says:

          I appreciate you linking to an advertisement for Newt,
          but it doesn’t answer my question.

          I define ACTUAL cuts,
          as the Department having a lower budget in FY 12 than they did in FY 11. Not a 2% raise instead of a 5% raise. That is not a “cut” in any sense of the definition.

          • Three Jack says:

            rambler, i didn’t post the newt video in response to your post. i agree with you that there must be real cuts instead of the usual decreases in projected future spending as usually happens with government.

        • Cassandra says:

          Ol’ Newt is sounding better and better each day. I ~HEART~ how he calls out the media and tha-rashed OWS recently.

          The one thing about newt is most, if not all of his peccadilloes are old news. Mitt Romney just does not resonate as well, IMHO. We’ll see if a spotty and checkered past haunts Newt’s intelligence and glib on-camera persona.

          • bgsmallz says:

            Here is the thing about ole’ Newt that I think is appealing…he has a track record that shows some sort of connection to ‘getting it.’ That Congress…took on some spending cuts, took on some tax decreases, but also made some deals with the Dems and the White House on other issues…and then all heck broke loose and Rush shut the government down and we’ve been dealing with the battle royal fallout ever since.

            These idiots now don’t get it at all. The economy doesn’t need strict adherence to Grover’s beard on all taxes or tax rates or a fear of any sort of sensible and incremental policy changes to entitlements. All it really needs is a sense that our ‘policy makers’ understand that they aren’t trying to fix the economy, but are just trying to make reasonable ‘fixes’ to the budget. Seriously, worry about the budget and stop trying to play the role of an economist.

            Stop justifying no tax increases off a pledge or off some larger economic policy that you don’t raise taxes in a recession. (the short answer is that tax ‘increases’ in a recession has been done before and didn’t seem to hurt (see Clinton, Bill))

            Stop justifying no cuts to Medicare or Social Security based upon ‘sca-wee’ consequences that aren’t going to happen.

            Stop being dumb-heads and just do a little bit of compromising to prove you understand what a budget deficit actually is.

            Responsibility…that’s all you guys need to show. It’s a pretty simple threshold and one that should be easily reached…unless you kowtow to special interests and worry about your next election instead of actually serving the American people and letting the chips fall where they may in November.

            Seriously…it’s a simple ledger with revenues on one side and expenses on the other…make the revenues a little bigger and the expenses a little smaller….that’s it.

            All you have to do is prove you understand this and the ‘economy’ will exhale. “Hooray…we aren’t being run by the Greeks!” it will say.

            Otherwise, we’re going to spend the next year waiting for an election in economic purgatory…the election is going to produce zero tangible results (is anyone really going to sit here and say that one party or another is going to be given a mandate in 2012 through total victory?) …and in January 2013, we are going to be back here trying to prove we have elected a Congress that can add and subtract.

            • John Konop says:

              The problem is we are spending at 25% and collecting at 14% of GDP. The two biggest parts of the budget that got out of control are Medicare ie the Bush 2 Drug Prescription bill and the policemen of the world foreign policy while Bush 2 lowerd taxes at the same time and created more lobbyist driven tax write-offs. During the balance budget years ( Clinton) we spent at about 18% and collected taxes at about 18% of GDP. Yet that was not even sustainable long term via Social Security and Medicaid with an aging population (retirement home cost) and Medicare (healthcare cost rising way faster than GDP) . The only solution long term from Clinton and Bush 2 was pumping out of control debt (mortgage crisis) into the economy and in hopes the balloon would not bust.

              Now Obama inherits the busted balloon economy created by both parties, and he has done very little over last 3 years, it has been the business as usual strategy. The reality is nobody wants to hear and or take the tough medicine.

              1) We need to get control of end of life cost in healthcare or it will BK the country. No more BS about death panels, killing grandma……………..
              2) We need to create more tax revenue ASAP. Best solution -lower rates and end ALL WRITE-OFFS! No more lobbyist driven tax policy.
              3) We need to reform Social Security which is combination of tough love solutions ie increase age of eligibility via life expectancy, means test……………
              4) We need to reform healthcare to promote wellness over evasive treatment.
              5) We need to invest into growth technology industries via research bio-medics, energy………………
              6) We cannot afford to be the policemen of the world. Instead of creating a bigger footprint we should be closing basis across the globe, use an off-shore military strategy rather than heavy footprint in conflicts……………………
              7) We need to reform trade policy that punishes country that steal intellectual property, use slave labor conditions, manipulate currency……..
              8) We need to have an immigration policy that promotes us getting the best and brightest. And we must fix the temporary farm labor situation.
              9) We need to no longer become dependent on rouge counties for energy ie up-grade the electronic grid, transportation system upgrade…….
              10) We need to fix the real-estate crisis held by tax payers ASAP. We need to put people in the houses with affordable payments and fix up the property, and not let the abandon homes keep deteriorating values in neighborhoods.

  2. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    “- Critics of the new HOT lanes on I-85 continue to express their dissatisfaction. Sorry, but I just don’t get why they dislike these lanes, which have been very successful elsewhere.”

    Well, Jason, from that statement I can infer that you obviously don’t have to drive on I-85 through North DeKalb and Gwinnett all that often or you might be singing a different tune. But HOT lane lovers should have no fear because if the state gets its way, we’ll all be HOT-laning all over Metro Atlanta to our hearts desire, with the exceptions of I-85 on the Southwest side outside of the Perimeter and Hwy 78/Stone Mountain Freeway in DeKalb (sorry, but there just wasn’t enough “toll lane joy” to spread out to everyone).

    “Two Democratic pollsters have suggested that President Obama should not run for re-election….Caddell, who worked as a pollster for President Jimmy Carter, and Schoen, who was a pollster for President Bill Clinton, argue that Obama will inevitably have to run a negative campaign in order to win reelection, the negative consequences of which will make it difficult for him to govern effectively.”

    So Caddell and Schoen are saying that a politician from the Richard M. Daley Chicago School of Political Science should, despite his horrific record on the economy, pass up what is starting to look more and more like a “can’t miss” opportunity to win re-election against what is quickly becoming a totally comical Republican field because he might have to gleefully put his Windy City political skills to use by joyfully running a negative campaign against an ideologically opposed candidate whom he personally despises and would take great pleasure in attempting to destroy?

    What delicious irony that this is advice is coming from a former pollster for Bill Clinton. I can understand advice like this coming from a former pollster for the likes of Jimmy Carter, but from someone who worked for Bill Clinton? That’s just way too obvious that Schoen has a personal angle on making this statement which is to advise Obama to get out of the way so that the Clintons can have more of their own fun sliming and smearing Republicans at the highest level of politricks.

    Obama governing effectively and avoiding negative campaigning, what a LAUGH!

  3. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    “- Critics of the new HOT lanes on I-85 continue to express their dissatisfaction. Sorry, but I just don’t get why they dislike these lanes, which have been very successful elsewhere.”

    Jason, here are a few links that show that HOT lanes haven’t necessarily been successful everywhere that they have been tried-

    • Calypso says:

      Yeah, that struck a sour note with me as well, very dischordant. I’m sure there are many strings attached to it as well.

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