It’s de-lovely, it’s de-vine: gratuitous mockery of the day

I don’t hold the reporter responsible for the spelling error in the headline. It’s probably the work of someone in the editorial staff. But it’s a great idea for a post. It’s okay, our blogging software doesn’t have spellcheck either.

[UPDATE] They’ve corrected the misspelling in the headline now, but it still shows up in the title bar. Click on the screenshot above then look at the title bar of your browser window.


  1. greencracker says:

    Reporters traditionally don’t write their own headlines.

    All bets are off though, in now-times.

    If you have a chance, it’s often wise to suggest a headline at least. Or else your masterpiece of reportage might get a headline you don’t like.

  2. NoTeabagging says:

    If they spell checked on they would have this excuse,

    adjective, noun, verb
    a frequent misspelling of divine.”

    ….Or they have the Dan Quayle version of spell check on their PC’s.

    ‘Devine intervention’ could be the new term for zudzu eradication. LOL
    Enjoy your weekend, ya’ll.

  3. Herb says:

    This is just on the AJC’s website, though. If it were on the paper I’ve subscribed to since I came of age, I’d have noticed.

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