1. Herb says:

    If they wanted to, they could walk out on class and march on the capitol. Societal transformation is always more important than class. Class can wait. Change can’t.

  2. Calypso says:

    Watching this clip of these goofballs reminds of watching a group of middle school kids on the playground. They’re all adamant and agitated, but they haven’t the vaguest idea in the world what they want to accomplish or how to go about doing so.

    Their whole ‘occupy’ rhetoric is in a word, pathetic.

    • Herb says:

      Pathetic? We are trying to dethrone a system that has now defrauded us of many dozens of trillions of dollars. Now who’s the pathetic one? And under our schools, Middle School kids are better informed and agitated for a reason than when they were a century ago when you went to school.

      • TheEiger says:

        Herb – how does getting arrested and blocking traffic convince me to join your cause? Ever heard of voting or campaigning for someone that agrees with your views?

        • Ken says:


          Herb will not answer you because YOU have brought some reality into this. Shame! Let Herb continue in his peaceful slumbers in Cloud Cuckoo Land.

      • Calypso says:

        “We are trying to dethrone a system that has now defrauded us of many dozens of trillions of dollars.”

        I think you’re going to need a bigger drum.

      • Ken says:


        Exactly how many “dozens of trillions of dollars”? Does that include compound interest and is it in real or nominal dollars?

        And as Groucho (not Karl) Marx might say, if he were here – and if he were still living:

        Do you have a source for that? Do you have a source for anything that is legal? Have you had any documented encounters with reality? Is your hat incorrectly sized? If one train is eastbound at 40 mph and another is westbound on the same track at 50 mph, where do you see yourself in five years? If you answered anything other than “in a mirror”, you should consider standing on those tracks. Be sure and wear a pink carnation so that we can identify your shirt.

        This has been a public service post. We now return you to your regularly drug-induced haze.

        • Herb says:

          Real debt estimates globally are at about $105 Trillion. We need an international governing body(League of Nations) to hike taxes to at least 90% to pay down this debt.

          • Ken says:

            Okay. So there is $105 trillion in debits and $105 trillion in credits; that balances. Where is the stolen money?

            Also, where’s your source?

            FYI: Ninety percent tax rates = starvation for most people. Of course, please don’t allow that reality to infringe upon Utopia.

            Oh, and does it include public as well as private debt? What about corporate debt (bonds)? So, who is the “thief”? Is it the federal government or the little old ladies (and the PPRC) who hold the bonds?

            And I forgot: From your earlier post who is the mysterious “us” from whom the “many dozens of trillions of dollars” were stolen?

              • Ken says:

                Hi Doug,

                I know that’s good advice. There’s no doubt about it, in fact, but unsupported, fantastic assertions which are alien to reality irk me at my core.

                I’ll try to so better. *sigh*

                • Calypso says:

                  I know that Herb is such an easy target, and I fall victim to feeding the troll myself, but I think Doug is right. If his sophomoric responses (and I’m giving him several grades levels above their actual maturity content) are left without reply perhaps he’ll go elsewhere to spew his nutty-cisms.

                    • Todd Rehm says:

                      I give Herb credit for his ideological consistency and his willingness to espouse views not widely held here.

                      I also credit him with maintaining a civil tone.

                    • Ken says:


                      Todd is correct. You maintain a civil tone which is something I can’t always claim for myself. However, I’d still like to see your source for $105 STOLEN trillion dollars.

                      When a borrower and a lender agree to an exchange it is not theft. Both may profit from it. So, again, where is the justification for the “many dozens of trillions of dollars” that were stolen?

                      And, really, who is “us”?

                    • Herb says:

                      @Todd, thanks. Nicest thing anyone on here’s said of me.

                      @Ken, “us” is all Americans. I heard the $105 Trillion estimate from a, believe it or not, Conservative source.


                      I looked up the information online, and saw that this was, indeed, true. That said, tax cuts and Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid cuts are not the answer. Pork Barrel Spending cuts and tax hikes are. Both parties are at fault for the spending problem.

                    • bowersville says:

                      In watching this youtube of Bob Chapman, he talks about cuts to Social Security/Medicare and the gutting of Social Security by the funds paid in by the public going to the general fund and being spent else where. He adds a part about the power and profitability of the military industrial complex. Dwight David Eisenhower on his parting address to the nation on January 17, 1961 warned:

                      “We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex.”

  3. racinwithrex says:

    True leadership! It took how many times for the chant to get it right. “What do we say to that”???

  4. saltycracker says:

    Watch what you say guys, the trillion dollars is the amount of outstanding student loans we gave them on top of HOPE…..and they have allies…..the University systems that sucked it up…..and need more……

    & Not sure that the majority were students – don’t see speakers in ragged cutoffs, hoodies & dirty backpacks on campus too much….without a police report following…..

  5. Tvshooter says:

    Ya know guys…when you are in a small group…and you are a VERY small group there boys…you don’t have to use the whole “human microphone” thing. It’s supposed to be for large groups.
    You all look really like the stupid idiots you portray yourselves to be, chanting…well attempting to repeat each other.
    Maybe you all could practice a little more before getting out in public. Or you could just go to class, or a job….lol. Yea…a job….ha, funny. Like any of these guys have a job.
    One other thing: please, please Occupy a Shower, and perhaps a barber chair.

      • NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

        Wow, Herb, drink the government Kool-Aid much? We were actually more literate as a nation before government became involved.

        Look at statistics. Home and privately schooled students who are educated in a manner different from the government system blow away public school students in SAT scores and every other measure I’ve ever seen. (NAEP comparison here: http://nces.ed.gov/nationsreportcard/pubs/studies/2006461.asp NHERI study on home schooled students here: http://www.nheri.org/Fact-Sheet-I.html )

        I’ll cut you a little slack, since you obviously were educated in our fine, highly ranked Georgia schools.

        • rense says:

          Actually both the right with NoGAGirl and the Marxist who needs to be redlisted and deported Herb are wrong. Herb is correct in that literacy – and other measures of basic education – rates have gone up dramatically since the state took control over education, made it compulsory, and committed itself to at least try to attempt to educate everyone and do so equally. However, the right winger NoGAGirl is correct in that the quality of education being imparted was better when it was available to a much smaller portion of the population. (I.E. back in the day kids were required to take Latin. Seriously.)

          • NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

            I actually agree about Latin. My homeschooled children take Latin…and Logic.

            I have a degree in education and never heard of classical education until I began teaching my own and doing my own research on methods and philosophies. My 15 year old could poke holes in the logic of a lot of the Occupy arguments and tell you what fallacies are involved.

            While education has become universally available, I have to disagree that people are better educated now than before government got involved. My statistics point out that children educated outside of the government system do better than those in the government system. In any case, the quality of education in general has deteriorated over the last 100 years. I guess that’s what socialistic programs do…make everything equally bad for everyone.

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