1. Todd Rehm says:

    Thank you, but be careful Herb, this may be the first time someone here agrees with something you say. Before you know it, you’ll be throwing out your hacky-sack and patchouli oil and joining the GOP.

    • Herb says:

      I’m not joining the Republicans, Todd. I’ve thought my positions through and through, and have decided it’s better to be a rebel soul and stand your ground than to join ‘cos it’s the cool/trendy thing.

  2. rense says:

    Meh. Two scary things about that statue (to me anyway).

    1. The sword that she is holding. “Freedom” imposed and coerced by the point of a sword? Very (George Orwell) 1984-ish. Kind of like how we went to war against and occupied Iraq and Afghanistan in the interests of “liberating” them.

    2. That statue is a pagan idol. The Roman (minor) goddess Libertas. Seriously. The freemasons later co-opted Libertas into being a symbol of their own ideology, but it is still undoubtedly based on Libertas. The Statue of Liberty, given to us by a prominent French freemason, is based on the same Roman goddess. So, about America being “founded on Christianity” again …

    • Todd Rehm says:

      The really scary thing, Rense, is that the Dome, itself reminiscent of Godless pagan shrines, actually opens up to allow the masons to fire their secret nuclear missiles that are stowed below the first floor level of the Capitol. And Miss Freedom houses a radar beacon that transmits 24/7 to help our alien overlords target their upcoming strike against the United States.

      • rense says:

        Your attempt at mockery is utterly ineffective at concealing the truth. “Freedom” imposed on me by the state by force. I love the bird (a hawk I believe) on top of the statue. The sword that the statue is holding … not so much.

        Incidentally, the beacon that both this statue and the statue of liberty hold … curious as to what it means? Check it out. You’ll like it!

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