LaHood Meets With Georgia Business Leaders

While Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood was in Georgia this week, he had a roundtable discussion with business leaders sponsored by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce.

LaHood shared his primary goals in implementing the nation’s priorities for transportation. These included safety across all modes, restoring economic health and creating jobs. He also shared the department’s dedication to sustainability – shaping the economy of the coming decades by building new transportation infrastructure, and assuring that transportation policies focus on people who use the system and their communities, something that the Gwinnett Chamber and metro Atlanta region have been advocating in the legislature for the past several years.

“When it comes to doing business and creating jobs, it’s all about the location,” said Jann Moore, Sr. Director of Public Policy and Education at the Gwinnett Chamber. “And the right location hinges on accessibility and multi-modal solutions. That’s the purpose of this meeting today – to get relevant input from key stakeholders on how transportation directly impacts our businesses’ ability to create jobs and grow the economy.”

Here’s a short video the Gwinett Chamber produced after the event: