Airtran/Southwest to Discontinue Service to Dulles from Atlanta

I didn’t see this one coming. Southwest has announced it’s summer flight schedule including flights from recently purchased Airtran. Southwest will no longer serve the popular Atlanta to Dulles route.

Instead, it appears that Southwest will focus its D.C. operations out of Baltimore-Washington and its limited flight schedule to Reagan.

These routes are very familiar to many of our readers, as the ease of travel from Atlanta to D.C.’s three major airports allows for easy commutes for government types. Both Delta and Airtran have recently cut capacity to both Reagan and Dulles, however, and prices have increased.

While Southwest is still expected to put competitive pressure on Delta (hey, you just read the word ‘Delta’, please pay them a $50 ‘saw their name somewhere so you probably owe them money’ fee), this move may actually make one of the most popular routes out of Atlanta more expensive for many travelers.