It’s a good thing Forest Park can check the election paper trail. Oh, wait…

After a technical glitch resulted in the release of incorrect results of the Sunday Sales vote in Forest Park, two candidates for City Council in that city are complaining about more changing vote totals.

Warren Gerton, candidate for City Council Ward 5, and Lillian Holloway, who was running for City Council Ward 4, are demanding a new election.

“We’ve had callers solicit us that said, ‘My vote only had one candidate and there should have been three.’ Or, ‘I was given the wrong ward to vote in.’ Or, ‘There were no candidates on my ballot at all, just the alcohol referendum,’” said Holloway.

Both candidates said they’re sending letters to the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, the Clayton County District Attorney and the Board of Elections.

Forest Park Elections Superintendent Dave Painters said he had no comment at this time.

To give credit where it’s due, I first saw this story on 11Alive but couldn’t find the story on their website to link to.

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  1. SallyForth says:

    Yep, Todd, I saw the coverage on 11Alive this weekend when they had some of the disgruntled candidates who said they were going to demand a recount. Lots of luck with that, huh? Our current laptop voting system sends individual votes off into cyberspace without any means of voter verification, so all they can get is a reprint of the same totals from the central computers. Whether accurate or not, that’s all you can get in Georgia. Constitutional hand recount….forget about it!

    Georgia (100% of the state) and Maryland (part of the state) are the only two states in the country who have not dumped the Diebold system due to lack of accountability, no security from hackers, etc. of problems out the wazoo. And this doesn’t even get into the inability to check close election results by an actual recount of individual ballots, because none exist.

    Please give us optical scanning of our individual ballots (which most states seem to have gone to), or even the old punch-cards would be better than what we have now. And we could do an hand recount in close votes, which seems to come up in various races around the state every election year.

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