So…yesterday was interesting

I’m in Denver for BlogCon, which is hosted by FreedomWorks. We got word that we were going to be protested by Occupy Denver because they believed that FreedomWorks is funded by the Koch brothers (they’re not) and because we don’t hate the Jews.

We prepared for it. We bought their elected leader some dog treats (yes, they elected a dog). They got here early and tried to force their way into the conference, only to be surrounded by two dozen bloggers armed with iPhones and video cameras. Needless to say, it got a little tense.

They apparently didn’t have enough and showed back up just after 5pm. Unlike the first visit, this confrontation was much less contentious, though still interesting. They were much more interested in discussion than the group we met earlier in the day.

Anyway, we’re getting ready to kickoff Day 2 of BlogCon. I’m having lunch with an old friend today, a transplant from Georgia, and looking forward to hanging out with like-minded bloggers.


  1. Calypso says:

    …”bloggers armed with iPhones and video cameras…”

    Boy, you guys are pushing the envelope aren’t you? đŸ˜‰

  2. chefdavid says:

    Did he realize he didn’t have a mike in his hand? That cracks me up. The mike check chant. I guess they will be occupying there parents houses when they fail out of school for not occupying there desk.

  3. Herb says:

    I’d be careful where I got my information on Occupy Denver’s leader from. For all we know, I could be leading them. All the blogs you linked back to are Mad Dog Republican publications. I bet they didn’t nominate a dog as their leader. Who(outside the Tea Party) would be that stupid? Right Wing media are the kings of distortion, and I’m the lone rebel calling them out on this because everyone else is cowering in fear of these creeps pulling a Cheney on them and their families. I ain’t got nothing to lose. Life is short, so why live it huddled in a corner when we could be fighting societal totalitarianism? Who is with me in my crusade?

  4. saltycracker says:

    A former street performer is now a 1% ‘er.
    Guy Laliberte owns a $1 billion dollar business with 5,000 employees & 1,500 artists.
    He pledged $100 million of his money to clean water issues and started the One Drop Foundation.

    “Government can’t do everything. The economic mortar worldwide is business.”

    His business: Cirque Du Soleil

    • I Miss the 90s says:

      That is correct, the economic mortar worldwide is business…but only if business steps up to the plate, recognizes its role in the construction of a productive and free society (as well as recognizing its tendencies toward oppression) , and works with government and The People to prevent destructive business practices and oppressive deregulation.

      Business is as much to blame for the economy, if not more so, than the government. To quote another billionaire circus mogul, PT Barnum, “a sucker is born every minute.” This attitude has been the precise problem with the American version of capitalism since the early 1980s. It does nobody any good when a bank is allowed to dupe its customers into taking on more debt than they can handle. It may result in short term profit to share-holders and a short-term boost to a bank manager’s reputation, but the net effect when all is said and done is bankruptcy and/or bailout.

      Too many people, or at least those that get press coverage, are on the fringes. I have been labeled as a socialist (as well as a communist or a marxist because right-wing bigots are too ignorant to study these distinct ideologies and use the English language properly) for my belief in consumer advocacy. I have simultaneously been labeled as a capitalist-pig because I believe companies should also be allowed to turn a profit.

      Corporate profits and consumer advocacy do not need to be mutually exclusive, but the Tea Party and the Occupy Movement want nothing more than for these two ideas to be the polar extremes of their ideological continuum.

      It is not socialist to recognize that the private-sector benefits from a bountiful supply of healthy and educated laborers and clients. It is not capitalist to recognize the motivational role profits provide.

      Humans are fallible. It would behoove everyone to recognize that their political beliefs are also probably wrong (and there is ample evidence to suggest that the information from which ideologues construct their belief systems from is empirically incorrect.)

      Worst of all, the flames of ignorance are only fanned by those seeking electoral success. Not one presidential candidate (with the exception of any incumbent president) has one serious programmatic plan for implementing their platforms…every issue on every one of these platforms is purely symbolic and designed to overwhelm your capacity to reason with appeals to your basest emotions. Just look at the tax plans the candidates have been offering. Herman Cain’s 999 plan is stupid, thin, and nondescript (it does not even raise enough revenue to make 1 annual interest payment on the national debt). Same goes for the FairTax, the Perry FlatTax, and the idea that tax cuts always increase government revenue. It is because of all of this right-wing symbolism that Tea-Partiers and John Birchers believe ANWR is an environmental rather than a national security issue, or that welfare subsidizes the poor rather than agribusiness, or that the progressive income tax penalizes the wealthy rather than charging them for the costs of the additional infrastructure required for maintaining such a standard of living.

      Any body here from Woodstock? Remember the Right-Wing Tavern? As much as Jamey wants you to believe the government is responsible for his business closing (because of its role in destroying the economy) he is really just passing the buck for his embarrassingly poor job running that business.

  5. saltycracker says:

    Would perfer a soundly regulated business sector to the “me first” direction both sides are going.

    The last big run by the right wing was a lot of groupon sales – used mine just in time.

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