CobbEMC Owners Association 3 for 4 with one runoff in board elections

The CobbEMC Owners Association, a group of customers dedicated to the reform of the EMC’s Board of Directors has made great steps in returning control of the utility to its customers. CEOA-endorsed candidates took three out of four seats today, with the fourth candidate narrowly missing a majority with 49.47% of votes cast.

Only 1.3% of eligible customers voted, with 2471 votes being cast. Winners were:

Area 1, Ed Crowell 79%
Area 6, David Tennant 68%
Area 10, Cheryl Meadows 80%

In Area 7 Ron Malcolm “Cooter” Swanson took 49.47% of the vote and will meet incumbent R.J. Patel, who received 14% of votes in a runoff election on Saturday, December 3d. Meadows’s landslide victory was against incumbent Harry Balkcom

The next rounds of director elections will be held Feburay 18, 2012 and May 12, 2012. The elections are being held as a result of a four-year lawsuit brought by disgruntled customers against EMC management. Former CobbEMC CEO Dwight Brown has been indicted on 35 counts including racketeering, theft and intimidating witnesses, allegations that stem from his tenure at CobbEMC.

This election is estimated to have cost EMC customers $160,000 with similar amounts to be spent for the runoff, and 2012 elections.

Why is this such a big deal? Last year I paid about as much to my (for-profit) electric utility as I did in property taxes. I think many homeowners will find themselves in similar situations. If elected officials were engaged in the shananigans that have been alleged against Dwight Brown, voters would be sharpening their pikes for the heads of elected board members.

Congratulations to the new Directors of CobbEMC and to the customers and shareholders of the utility.


  1. saltycracker says:

    With the new, hopefully, public sensitive commissioners maybe some more light can be shed on their smart meters or AMI’s (Advanced Metering Infrastructure).

    These 24/7 electronic data collecting meters provide up to date hour by hour power usage from your meter.

    Is this data sold or provided to third parties like marketers ?
    Can it be collected directly by hackers ?

    With most utilities using them you can go on line, enter the account # & read the latest hour by hour info. No personal info is included only usage at that meter.

    Big Brother is watching ! Most folks won’t care as they don’t run unlicensed businesses or grow weird stuff in the basement or suspect someone might be home instead of elsewhere………but if you see an unmarked truck with some guys on a laptop moving slowly down the street. someone away might not like the outcome…….

    On a 10 scale my concern of this 24/7 wiretap is about a 3 but it could escalate rapidly if the marketers close in…….with robo calls………

  2. Herb says:

    Glad to see a corporate board of directors being answerable to the people they serve. I just wish Congressional Republicans and the other 99% of corporations would take a page from their playbook.

    • saltycracker says:

      Any person that thinks 100% of Republicans & 99% of corporations are not answerable to the people….must advocate a government and economic system we are not familar with here on PP.

      • Herb says:

        Not all Republicans are unanswerable to the people. Guys like Lincoln Chaffee, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Buddy Roemer, and Jon Huntsman Jr. are a few exceptions. But I stand by my bold assertion about corporations. These guys’ cash stockpiling and scamming the little man brought us to where we are, and are why I favor AT LEAST a 79% Corporate Tax. I favor Enhanced Socialism, which makes generic Socialist systems look like Crapitalism in comparison.

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    “marketers close in…….with robo calls………” Crooks with crowbars is a more important concern.

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