Latest GOP Presidential poll shows two Georgians in top three

McClatchy-Marist national poll finds that Romney remains first at 23%, Gingrich climbs to second at 19% and Cain at 17%. Perry has fallen to 8%.

Since the eventual second-place finisher may be in a strong posture to position himself as the “non-Romney” conservative candidate, the second-place position is the essential slot.

Georgians Gingrich and Cain represent two distinct factions in the GOP: Cain doing well by the small-government crowd, Gingrich essentially being from the government-solutions wing of the party.

I question the methodology of this poll. It’s apparently a poll of registered voters, filtered to self-described Republican and Republican-leaning voters, which is different than actual *known* voters (which is more accurate). But there’s no question that Gingrich is climbing as a result of continuing internal GOP dissatisfaction with the field.

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  1. politicoga says:

    I can’t imagine Newt or Cain would match up well with Obama. Romney has the best shot of sending Obama back to Chicago.

  2. SallyForth says:

    Gingrich is NOT a Georgian – he was born in Pennsylvania and has lived in DC/Virginia the last 2o-30 years. He lived here briefly, just long enough to get himself elected to Congress. That does not constitute being a “Georgian.” I gag every time I see or hear anyone defame our state by calling him that.

    Cain does live in Georgia now and for the last few years, so he can correctly be called a “Georgia resident.” Born in Tennessee, he grew up in Atlanta and from 1977 lived in several states, including a stint in DC as head lobbyist for the Restaurant Association. He moved to Atlanta about ten years ago, so he comes closer to being called a “Georgian” than Gingrich does. Georgia resident is more accurate.

    There! Glad I got that off my chest.

  3. saltycracker says:

    There are three candidates that will media or self destruct, fairly and unfairly:
    1. Herman – the ladies of SEIU
    2. Newt – ghosts of the past
    3. Uh/ can’t recall

  4. Herb says:

    I love how people treat the GOP candidates as though they’re (A) serious and (B) gonna beat Obama,when in all actuality, they not and won’t do nearly as good as they did in 2008. They’re not gonna get the Presidency back because, quite frankly, our guys are stronger, smarter, and likable, unlike any prospective future GOP field. That is just my view of things after spending 25 of my 37 years in politics.

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