Is that a thank you to the voters in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

The Georgia Secretary of State is investigating a complaint about a hot dog cart passing out free hot dogs to voters in the City of Douglasville mayoral race.

A Secretary of State’s office spokesman confirmed that an investigation has been opened into mayoral candidate Rochelle Robinson’s campaign having a vendor pass out hot dogs at a polling place.

“I was doing a thank you to the community for voting and so someone gave me an in-kind gift of hot dogs,” [mayoral candidate Rochelle Robinson] said. “I was going to the different places in the city, passing out hot dogs to people… I had approval from the health department three weeks ago in addition to talking with the city. The person was a licensed vendor. He does events for the Georgia Dome and the Atlanta Falcons and the World Congress Center so he’s a reputable business.”

Douglas County Board of Elections Supervisor Laurie Fulton said Wednesday the board was unaware that hot dogs would be passed out at a polling location.

“When we were notified that this was happening, we made a call to the Secretary of State Elections Division offices and they have asked the Inspector General’s office to look into it,” Fulton said.

[Opposing candidate] Harvey Persons admitted to calling the Douglas County Board of Elections about the issue. He explained that voters called him with concerns and questions about the presence of vendor at a couple of polling places and whether it was allowed.

In the general election, Rochelle Robinson took 36% of the vote to Persons’s 26%; the two will meet again in a runoff election on December 6th. No word yet on Ms. Robinson’s plans to cater the runoff.


  1. Toxic Avenger says:

    Seeing as this is not a legal or ethical tactic (you know, bribing the voters), I’m surprised that Robinson is attempting to defend herself.

    Having said that, she must be very happy that Georgia’s ethics laws are so piss-poor that there’s pretty much nothing that can be done to her, compounded by the fact that she’s a Republican, and of late, Republicans have gotten off with about any ethical violation under the sun.

    I’m seriously wondering when people will start taking seriously ethical violations. Ms. Robinson could be elected Mayor of Douglasville because of her ethical lapses, and no law in place would stop or even truly deter her from such tactics. We really need to start thinking about ethics laws and ethics reform, because until we do, dirty elections will just be the name of the game.

    • Calypso says:

      “…compounded by the fact that she’s a Republican, and of late, Republicans have gotten off with about any ethical violation under the sun.”

      Yeah, I hear they bust Democrats for nothing more than passing out doughnuts, but the Repubs, man oh man, they can bribe ’em and buy votes left and right with hotdogs and get away with it. Maybe.

      It says it is under investigation, T.A., don’t blow a friggin’ gasket. Oh, I forget, that’s what you guys do best.

  2. Herb says:

    This is commendable. This is what I call bringing the voting experience into the 21st century, while the Republicans are still stuck in the 18th. I praise.

  3. seenbetrdayz says:

    God help us if a hotdog is what it takes to win a vote.

    “Im’ really worried about the fate of our town. I mean, just the other day— . . . hey, wait a second. Do y’all smell that? HOT DOGS!. . . ooh, hotdogs!!!”

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