Happy Veterans Day

To all the men and women who have served in uniform defending our country and our freedom:

Thank you.  We owe you all a debt that we can never repay.


  1. saltycracker says:

    I recently met Sandy Lyons, founder of the Veterans Memorial Bridge in Ellijay, at a recent Sons of the American Revolution meeting.

    Info from the Gilmer County Veterans website:

    The Veterans Memorial Bridge is a 147′ long foot bridge across the “Coosawatte River”.
    It has been completed and is functional with raised lights and signage on both ends. Rails have been added to enhance the entrance to the bridge. A dedication service was held on November 11th 2009. It was well attended by the public which included many veterans. Participants in the dedicating ceremony Included the North Georgia Honor Guard, Sons of the Confederate Veterans, America Legion, Sons of the American Revolution, and many of the initial supporters, businesses, and families who helped in fund raisers and made donations.

    This special dedication was tribute to our service men and women from all American conflicts and wars. The flags, music, speeches rifle and cannon volleys added to the ceremony a patriotic reminder of our heritage.

    Veterans Memorial Gardens:

    The Memorial Gardens for the veterans, civic organizations and families are in place, and there are both veterans marble pavers and brick (civil) pavers still being engraved. Granite headers were created for each war and each civic category. Forms were made to contain the pavers in alphabetical sequence. There are about 550 marble pavers for veterans and 275 brick pavers already installed. Over fifty pavers are still in the process of being engraved and additional purchases will added to the gardens.

    Other marble and brick tributes have been added that have the Pledge of Allegiance, America – My Country This of Thee and America the Beautiful. Special pavers serve as a tribute to those who provided initial support and funding, recognition to the Honor Guard, Gold Star Parents, logos for the various branches of service, and quotes about our freedom, sacrifices, and those that gave so much for our country.

    A Memorial Day Dedication on May 31st, 2010 was well attended. The flags, uniforms, rifle and cannon salutes, speeches, music and prayers were very meaningful and expressed gratitude to those who have served our country and to those who continue to serve. This is an ongoing project that will continue to reflect well on Gilmer County as folks visit and view how our community respects and honors our heritage.

    Engraving Historical Documents on Marble Slabs

    Ten huge marble pieces were donated by the members of Liberty Baptist Church. They had originally intended to use them for picnic table tops, but found the 1,100 pound weight was too great when placed on concrete blocks. These large marble pieces (7.5 feet by 3 feet by 3 to 4 inches thick) were stacked in the churchyard, until I made a request for them. The church voted to donate them and they were moved to Cherokee Stone Engravers in Ball Ground immediately.

    The marble pieces are in process of being engraved with the following to be added to the Veterans Memorial area:

    “The Declaration of Independance”.

    “The U.S. Constitution” .

    “Bill of Rights”.

    “Magna Carta”.

    “Founding Fathers”.

    “National Anthem”.

    “Gettysburg Address”.

    “In the Beginning”.

    “Our First President”.

    “Our National Capitol”.

    “Military Branches of Service”.

    “POW / MIA Flag ‘Display By Act of Congress'”.

    “Code Talkers, ‘The Unbroken Code””.

    Come see the “Veterans Memorial Bridge and Garden”:

    Located one and a half mile south of the Roundabout.
    Connecting the Sports Complexes on both sides of the river.
    It is a 147’ long foot bridge across the “Coosawatte River”.


    Telephone (706)-635-1931


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