Austin Challenges Wilkinson To A Debate In Each County

Rick Austin, who faces John Wilkinson in a December 6th runoff for Senate District 50 has challenged Wilkinson to a debate in each county in the district.

(Demorest) – Republican State Representative Dr. Rick Austin, who earned a commanding first place finish in last night’s special election, challenges his runoff opponent, John Wilkinson to a series of debates in each county of the 50th District today. Austin asks that each newspaper in each county host an armchair debate in the weeks leading up to the December 6th special election runoff.

Said Austin, “My schedule is open. I am asking each newspaper or local radio station to join together and host a straightforward armchair debate in their county before the December 6th special election. Each candidate should have 5 minutes to explain their background and vision. The press can then ask a series of open ended questions for each of us to answer and counter in a professional, free-flowing, and friendly format. The families and hardworking citizens of northeast Georgia deserve nothing less than an open and frank discussion of the issues. They deserve to see who we are and who is ready to lead for them. I hope my opponent will join me for these important discussions.”


Full disclosure: I donated money to Rick Austin.


  1. 22bons says:

    This is a great idea. Hopefully Wilkinson will agree to participate. This will give voters in every corner of the district the opportunity to meet the candidates and personally assess their values, judgement and experience.

  2. philly369 says:

    If his lead is so “commanding”, why the call for debate? Sounds like somebody’s worried….Wilkinson has much support and this will be closer than most think.

    • Calypso says:

      “Gotta be someone strong enough to ride Obama’s looooooong coattails.”

      You mean those loooooong coattails that have been dragging in the mud and are now caught up in the spokes, about to yank the hapless rider off the bike? Those looooong coattails?

      Good luck with that.

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