11 Days Worth Of HOT Lane Data

Includes the most recent press release from SRTA with weekday data through 11/04/11.


  1. Dave Bearse says:

    Thanks for posting Buzz, I hope to review later today or tomorrow.

    It occured to me yesterday that the equipment to determine vehicle speeds in the general and HOT lanes could have been used to determine a precise “before” or base condition before the lanes were converted from HOV lanes to HOT lanes. (Alternately HOT lane implementation could have been delayed a couple of weeks to establish a base condition).

    Did it occur to the six figure SRTA executives or the consultants paid millions to implement the HOT lane system to determine a base condition to benchmark results? It appears not (in which case it’s another instance of the poor managment of this project), or they’re sitting on the information because it’s not flattering as to the effect the lane has had on congestion.

  2. Jackster says:

    What they’re not telling us…

    1) How many double line violations occurred (Peach pass read at one station, then not at the next right before the exit)

    2) How many triple occupancy violations occurred (This is probably not measurable by SRTA)

    3) How many peach pass violations occurred (Car with no peach pass in the lane)

    Either way, the revenue from #1 & #3 would be very telling.

    Also, time for these trips would be a good distribution to conduct, as it would show how weighted the prices are vs. the folks that use them.

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