The folks at Occupy Atlanta are branching out….to Gwinnett County. Fresh off a protest featuring an estimated dozen people last week, Tim Franzen sent occupy troops to Snellville to occupy a home set to be foreclosed.

Occupiers say they plan to stay as long as it takes, and that they are prepared to be arrested if and when eviction time comes for the family. Some 20 people were camped out at the home — including two tents in the fornt yard — to show support.

Tim Franzen, an organizer with Occupy Atlanta, said foreclosures, like the one facing the Rorey family, is “a symptom of wealth and equity.” If the country changed its economic priorities, it could work for everyone, he added.

Today comes word the Occupiers will oppose the I-85 HOT lanes in cooperation with the Gwinnett branch of MoveOn.org.

“What a perfect issue for the occupation movement,” organizer Tim Franzen said.

Though some Occupy Atlanta members said they had never used a Peachpass Express lane, their Gwinnett counterparts said it was one of the main problems in their area.

“It is a blatant attack on the middle class,” said one demonstrator.

Franzen added, “Peachpass is like the one percent pass right? It’s like you pay to get a lane. We are going to have an action against this one per center lane.”

Will #occupyatlanta gain traction in Gwinnett? I think not.


  1. Calypso says:

    Will someone please tell the Occupy folks that their moms called and said the sheets have been changed, the floor vacuumed and that they can all return to their respective basements and spare bedrooms.

  2. Steve Collins says:

    I want to know what we do about the widow, on very limited income, whose husband left her a few shares of a Bank of America stock to scrape by with. He thought was it was a conservative investment, he worked hard and saved a little money, on his death bed he took comfort in the fact that she was going to be a part owner of a well-known bank. She made a loan to this family in Gwinnett, by nature of her being a part owner of the bank. In exchange for her giving them the money to buy the home, they signed a contract agreeing to make payments. She took comfort in knowing she could count on that safe investment, because it was secured by the collateral of the home.

    But now, there are a bunch of misguided, hippie-wannabe kids, camped out on the front of this house, who are trying to stop this poor widow from getting her loan back. They are pulling food out of her mouth and denying her the ability to pay her heating bill, because she can’t sell the collateral she is supposed to receive for lending the family the money.

    Corporations are not living, breathing human beings. They are a legal entities designed to limit the liability of its owners – the shareholders. The shareholders are pension funds, widows, people on limited incomes and yes – rich people. Chances are, many of the people who hate big corporations depend on them for their retirement benefits. The media has spent the last 50 years personifying corporations, but they are simply legal entities which represent the collective ownership of a group of people.

    • benevolus says:

      You didn’t read the story did you.
      This family thought they had signed a loan modification, but it turned out to be a scam. They stopped paying the original loan because they thought they had a new one. Now the scammer is in jail but they are being foreclosed.

      • Steve Collins says:

        I know I’ll be portrayed as callous, but why should the shareholders of Bank of America be held responsible for the family’s mistake? Bank of America is a third party to the problem. Bank of America’s (or whatever bank has the real loan) only relation to the mess is the shareholders stopped receiving their payments from the family. The family’s legal recourse is with the man sitting in jail, who tricked the family into sending their payments to him.

        Don’t get me wrong, I feel compassion for the family and realize there is a slim chance they’ll ever get a dime from the scammer in jail. But, I see know reason why the widows, pensioners and other owners of Bank of America should be held responsible. The shareholders of Bank of America are no more responsible for this bad situation then the shareholders of Apple Computer.

          • Steve Collins says:

            In this down market, if B of A, or any other bank, had an offer to receive payments in arrears and future payments on-time, they would do it in a heartbeat. Foreclosure is a very expensive process for the bank. The bank will do whatever it can to negotiate, because once foreclosure occurs, the house sits vacant, rocks are thrown through the windows, pipes burst, etc… The bank does not want to foreclose.

            Keep in mind, even in a non-judicial foreclosure state like GA, with minimal foreclosure regulations, you still need to be put on notice by the bank, for a number of months. I’m sure the owners received late notices and phone calls from B of A, which would have been a red flag. During this period, the owners can write a check for the missing payments and interest and stop the whole process.

            I was a few days late for my Wells Fargo payment and my phone starting ringing off the hook the next day. Then I received many notices from Wells Fargo. My guess is BofA operates the same way.

          • GTKay says:

            It was EverHome Mortage Company and they already forclosed back in October. The property has been transferred to Fannie Mae.

        • GTKay says:

          According to their lawyer in the Gwinnett Daily Post yesterday, “Having never missed a mortgage payment in seven years, the family intentionally defaulted in July 2010 in order to qualify for a loan modification” pitched to them by a “con-artist.”

          The article states that the father is employed as a police officer and was able to meet his mortgage payment. Why they needed the loan modification, I don’t know. Why they would ever think intentionally missing a mortgage payment was the wise or ethical thing to do, I don’t know either. But they intentionally took a course of action, though ill advised, that landed them in the mess they’re in now.

          I wish they could work out a deal with Fannie Mae (the property was transferred to them)where they could keep their home. But they haven’t paid their mortgage in over a year – anyone who has closed on a house has signed the “no pay – no stay” document.

          This is a case of very poor judgement and the harsh consequences of a bad decision. It’s hardly a “symptom of wealth and equity” or an injustice put upon innocent, helpless people.

          • Steve Collins says:

            Agree with you 100% But, if we allow people to stay in homes without making payments, essentially turning a secured loan into an unsecured loan, mortgage rates will skyrocket, making housing unaffordable for the very demographic the government is trying to “protect.”

            Unsecured loan = credit cards = 25% interest rate
            Secured loan = home mortgage = 5% interest rate

  3. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    “Today comes word the Occupiers will oppose the I-85 HOT lanes in cooperation with the Gwinnett branch of MoveOn.org.”

    Yeah, too little, too late!

    Um, Occupy (insert city here), TEA Partiers and everyone else that is anti-this and pro-whatever that in between, HELLO, the election was YESTERDAY!!!!

    But I know, I know, NEXT TIME….

    Although, maybe we could something out of it if the Occupy (wherevers) conducted a sit-in at GDOT and SRTA offices over the HOT lanes.

    Just don’t tell them that The Last Democrat in Georgia sent you.

  4. 22bons says:

    This is absolutely fantastic news for the I-85 Hot Lanes. Should be good for a 10 point bump in popularity. The sneaky political operative paying them to do this is pure genius. Now if they can just think of a way to get the “occupy” crowd to oppose commercial flights out of Briscoe I won’t need to use those HOT lanes to get to Hartsfield anymore…..

  5. bgsmallz says:

    I thought one of the points of the #occupy movement was to tax the 1% and yet they are upset because the HOT lanes are basically taxes on the 1%?


  6. ted in bed says:

    Has anyone seen the video of the people trying to drive the speed limit on 285? Its hilarious!


    If Occupy Lexus Lanes wants to do the same thing, I think they’d get alot of support from us regular people plus it would get a lot of publicity.

    If any Occupy Lexus Lanes folks arre reading this …. Enterprise Car Rental has cheap car rentals so you don’t need to use your own car. Only block the Lexus Lane, otherwise you’d piss off the regular folks. Carrying firearms is allowed anywhere in the car even without a weapons license provided you are not a prohibited person.

  7. eschristian says:

    Well the OCCUPY DC folks thought it would be cute after they tried to storm the AFP convention but security thwarted their plans so they went out to the sidewalk and tried to find a 1% car to jump in front of but instead jumped in front of a regular Joe’s car and ended up getting charged for something like obstruction of traffic (read it at Redstate) – seriously tell me the idiots in OCCUPY Atlanta are not going to try to jump in front of cars on I-85? I don’t care how slow they are so stupid they will manage to land in front of a car actually moving fast!!!

    OCCUPY = the intelligence (or lack of) that is a product of the Department of Education & liberalism in America

  8. Tvshooter says:

    Head on over to the DeKalb Officers Speak blog here: http://dekalbofficersspeak.blogspot.com/2011/11/lieutenanatard-and-occupy-atlanta.html

    and see what Rorey’s fellow officers think of him. Then ask if this guy is the best example of someone being foreclosed on. What did he expect to have not made a payment in over a year? Flowers?

    The guy should be able to write a check for the arrears amount, since he’s not made a payment 16 months. That in itself will stop foreclosure. I won’t be shedding any tears for this guy….he brought it on himself.

  9. Herb says:

    “The folks at Occupy Atlanta are branching out”

    Just like outsourcing jobs, this is pivotal to the success of the movement. I praise.

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