Silver & Gold 365 Banquet Presidential Straw Poll Results

The 9th, 11th, and new 14th Congressional District Republican Parties all gathered in Bartow County last night to thank Congressmen Phil Gingrey and Tom Graves for their service in Washington while also reminiscing with old friends and making new ones.

Oh, and there was a GOP Presidential straw poll:

1 – Bachmann

74 – Cain

68 – Gingrich

2 – Huntsman

0 – Paul

9 – Perry

11 – Romney

0 – Santorum

1 – Other

4 – Abstained

Take the numbers, read the tea leaves, and make various predictions as you see fit in the comments below.


  1. Engineer says:

    Two local area Georgia boys (although technically neither were born in GA) who are favorites of the party establishment, I can’t say I’m too surprised by the results.

  2. cheapseats says:

    Abstained beat 4 other candidates and finished solidly in the middle of the field! I like Abstained and, after looking carefully at all the other candidates, I’m currently supporting Abstained for the nomination. When it comes to your most important voting decision, you all really should consider voting for Abstained in 2012!

    Where can I get a yard sign?

  3. Am I the only one who finds it ironic that they called it the “Silver and Gold Banquet”? You know, since silver and gold are precious metals… the very thing that Ron Paul is suggesting that we return to basing our currency on… and yet nobody voted for him?

    • Doug Grammer says:

      I was thrilled about the vote. It was about what I expected, but I thought Perry would have more votes. I think the fact that Congressman Paul got no votes sends a statement.

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